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Does any one have some info regarding Ground Combat Weapons, there types DPS calculations and suggestions.

First off as far as I know an Expose attack stuns them and sets them up for an Exploit attack (that can insta kill)

So is it best to have a mix in your squad? (some set them up and some knock them down)

Secondly I am confused as to which weapons are good:
I am looking at the standard weapons available from Sol: Earth Space Dock - Requisitions - Ensign Lessa
we have mk1 and mk2 (mk2 are better and more expensive that simple enough)
but we also have:
(1). Stun Pistol
(2). Wide Beam Pistol
(3). Auto-Targeting Assault
(4). Full Auto Assault
(5). Split Beam Rifle
(6). Sniper Rifle

A. All cost the same (when comparing MK1 for MK1 or MK2 for MK2)
B. All MK2 standard attack do 18 DPS (and MK1 do 16 DPS)
C. But each MK2 secondary attack seems to do different DPS (1). NA-DPS (2). 3.6DPS (3). 5.9DPS (4). 3.6DPS (5). 8.9DPS (6). 11DPS

As as far as i can tell then only things to base a choice on are:
i. do you want to Expose or Exploit
ii. do you want to do as much DPS as possible

I can only assume that the ones that hit more then one target do there DPS to each, thus invisibly upping there actual DPS or they are pointless and if this is true how can we compare 2 possible weapons.

Can any one confirm my thinking and correct me if i am wrong.
Many thanks.
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01-30-2010, 11:30 AM
All I can really tell you with certainty is that if you sit and shoot a target (let's call it a practise dummy) with every type of same quality (ie all white) and mark (ie, all mk 2) weapons, you will do the same amount of damage over a certain amount of time. However, some weapons do their damage in one shot, some do it in multiple shots.

Also, pistols tend to have shorter ranges than rifles, at least on their specials.
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01-30-2010, 11:33 AM
I have not seen a list yet, but there are multiple weapons and they do different things.

Some hit a single target, other are AoE weapons (says so in the description).
Some have knockbacks, others have stun.

Phasers can sometines stun oponents, disruptors can lower defense. Good thing is that each weapon will tell you exactly what it does, and what the % is for each effect.

Personally, I give all my BOs expose weapons. I have a expose weapon and an exploit weapon in my off hand. I have an AoE exploit weapon, but I've seen the cooldown is 12s vs. a single target explot weapon with a cooldown of 8s (that's where you get the different in DPS for secondary attacks). So, I let my BOs expose, and I exploit when I have the chance. Works pretty well! I favor AoE weapons over single target, but the secondary attack has a longer cooldown.

I hope this helps a little, at leeast until someone comes up with a weapon list.
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01-30-2010, 01:37 PM
I have seen a few types of weapons all from memory observation here so I will probably miss some.
1. Sniper/Compression - a single target.
2. Split beam - hits up to three targets in a cone
3. Wide beam - hits multiple targets (everything?) in a cone

Pistols typically have the shorter range and faster cool down on their abilities.

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