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# 1 Wooooo I'm a spy!
01-30-2010, 12:24 PM
Haha, sorry
I know this is going to get me in trouble or something
but all those people talking about Cryptic paying people to say good things about them. It's a conspiracy, lol! Cryptic has spies, lol!

I mean, that's paranoia for you. If you think Cryptic pays people to say good things about them on their own forum, that's funny. If Cryptic actually pays people to say good things about them on their own forum (providing that they are under-cover) that's even more hilarious.

I like doing sanity checks on things. The way to perform a good sanity check is to say something out loud and ask yourself would say that in public and assert to its validity and your own personal sanity at the same time?

"Cryptic is paying people to go under-cover on their own message board to say good things about them and flame other trolls."

lmao rofl!

Oh yeah, all those people. I know I've come across a few. So maybe not all of those is the correct answer. Maybe just the few that exist stand out like a sore thumb.
sorry moderator. I realize that I'm a horrible, horrible person. But this is a riot.

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