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First off. I am lovin' this game. Thank you Cryptic.

I would love to see the sector conflicts of the old SFC2 Dynaverse.

While the current PVP is enjoyable there really isn't that much to show, in the grand scheme of the quadrant, for beating your enemies. No real sense of forward progress for your faction.

Those that have played SFC2 Dynaverse will know what I'm talking about but for those that haven't I'll try to explain.

Dynaverse was a large grid of hexagons. Each faction controlled their own corner of the grid and the goal was to capture sectors one by one in an effort to reach the opposing factions homeworld. There is much more detail in the finer points of capturing a sector, such as building starbases to increase the sectors defense value, but you get the general idea.

So what do you all think?

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