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01-30-2010, 12:54 PM
Well while waiting for OB to start I played a little *** ( Age of Conan).Now I have to admit that I thought it a very well made game.I had several issues when I first got in and the staff was very helpful.However more to the point is the fact that in this title they offer there members something called Veteran Points.Now these are not like Cryptic Points in which you pay for they are free and givven evry month of your paid sub.What are they used for novelty items mostly things that are for the most part social items wont help you in combat .
Since the unexpected downtime has me in a tissy .i got to thinking wouldnt it be nice if Cryptic awarded us in such a fashion.With such a medium to give us stuff that for the most part just really makes the game a little more fun.Or maybe they could just award us so many Cryptic Points per month so as we can have a decent discount on things in the C-Store.Anyhow just figured I would throw it out there since after all atm I am unable to cruise thru the stars in my pursuit of another way to kill time ..
lol see you in sector space

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