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Hey all,

Not to flog a dead horse but I have some suggestions regarding the server downtime.

First off, if the servers go down unexpectedly, why not have a mod tell us what's going on? Even if a moderator doesn't know anything, a sticky post on the top of the news and general discussion forums saying "it's being looked into" would go a long way towards calming the fanbase down.

Secondly, and this is to the players, please try to keep a sense of perspective. This game is still pre-launch, and anyone that's played MMO's before knows we've been here and done that regarding server downtime many, many times.

Third, I realize that the servers have been down only a short time, but come on - it's 3:40 PM EST. It shouldn't be difficult to give some kind of update within minutes, especially when you're paying money for people to monitor the servers. It is professional courtesy and logical to have some kind of estimate of how long the servers will be down for, so I (and thousands of others like me) don't keep trying to re-log in, stressing the already damaged servers.

My 2 cents.

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