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# 1 atari missing key email
01-30-2010, 12:45 PM

If you didn't get your key from Atari through email there is still an option for you

Go to atari webpage, and support then customer support its the last link on the page, look up your order/invoice, enter your information to get it, then right click the little disk icon and save as, remember where you save it and then open it.. this is your REAL invoice with your key... hope this helps.. I also didn't get a key email from atari and ended up entering a won beta key only, therefore could not get on last night 'conctact billing'.... I was forced to create a new profile on with a new password,and email address, entered my real code from my invoice, patched and played all night...

I know theres alot of people that are having this mising key email problem, and hope this helps


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