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Having fun playing so far.. but I'm having a hard time deciding what kinda ship I should get. I'm an Engineer and was planning on going cruiser for my ship... yet after reading that a science is almost = to a cruiser in terms of being able to take dmg I thought maybe a science ship would be better. Can anyone help me out? Give me some pro's and con's of a decission like that.

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01-31-2010, 12:49 AM
You already made the hardest decision by picking engy. Pick whatever ship tickles your fancy, then once you get 20k energy to spare, buy another ship and see how you like THAT one. At worst you'll have to reconfigure your officers.
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01-31-2010, 12:55 AM
I asked several many questions like this early on. I was under the impression that you needed specific classes to specific ships ie: science to science.
Turns out its not the way it works, and as the game progresses we'll see some very creative build combos, especially when PvP takes off and everyone is trying to make that perfect build

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