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# 1 Guess i'm just lucky..
01-30-2010, 12:58 PM
Can't be arsed to go through my mmorpg history.. anyway i still lke STO.

Granted i do have a good gaming rig and STO looks bloody fantastic with max settings, no stuttering or framerate issues.

I'm enjoying the missions ground and space ! have yet to feel like i'm wasting my time grinding. I never made it past lvl 5 in CB/OB so didn't experience burnout like many of you did playing unhealthy hours.

I work 40 hours a week and am enjoying the weekend headstart ( GMT player ) even with the downtimes of server. Like many the casual players here we are not dedicating our lives to just this game , so when we do play we enjoy it.

Lastly i'm neary 40 and can't believe teenagers and twenty somethings actually spend so much time on gaming , you are missing out on so much fun. Leave mmorpgs to us older folk who deserve a bit of relaxing fun ( with the odd botle of whisky ).

P,S Switched off Zone chat ingame due to the pathetic amount of whining and immature taunts (i seriously wonder if parents even monitor what their children are doing online !.

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