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# 1 Need help with traits
12-15-2013, 12:50 AM
Currently have...

Alien Tactical L50
- Efficient Captain
- Warp Theorist
- Elusive
- Accurate
- Crippling Fire
- Last Ditch Effort
- Lucky
- Soldier

Borg Engineer L30
- Warp Theorist
- Elusive
- Accurate
- Shield Harmonic Resonance
- Neural Blast
- Nanomolecular Architect

Should I get the space traits EPS Manifold Efficiency & Grace Under Fire?

Not sure what race to get for Science, thinking but buying the Joined-Trill, or going with Human or Alien. Borg doesnt seem to be able to trait creative.

Not sure if any of these science traits would be of any use to me...

Conservation of Energy, Photonic Capacitor, Field Researcher & Medical Vanguard.

Frankly I have no idea how to play a Science character. I have never played healer types in any games... just dont like the idea of clicking on npcs or players to heal them. I have an Orion Science toon but she does NOT heal... I have a dedicated Science Bridge Officer that does all the healing. Cause of that Medical Vanguard probably won't very useful.

Even for ships, I dont enjoy using their abilities. I was building a Sci torpedo boat (Vesta with 15 power to weapons), but now thinking just go with an escort and use torpedos or cruiser with faw. the science abilities doesnt really impress me.
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# 2
12-17-2013, 07:32 PM
For your Borg:

Warp Theorist is, IMO, a fairly 'meh' trait. It's not as bad as Techie, and it IS useful, but the trait could be used better in many cases, particularly since the addition to warp core potential isn't even one full point per subsystem. I would consider replacing it.

Grace Under Fire is a pretty sound ability for engineers IMO, and EPS Manifold Efficiency largely relies on whether or not you use Emergency Power to X. You should probably be running at least Emergency Power to Shields. It is especially useful if you rotate Emergency Power abilities, as most cruiser captains tend to do.

For your science character:

Joined Trill is a sound choice for a science character, because most science characters will be able to fully exploit their bonuses. Alien and Human are also sound choices. However, it depends on what you want to do.

If you want maximum flexibility, go with Alien.

If you want to use science abilities a lot, go with Joined Trill.

If you want to be a slightly better space tank (and slightly boost yourself and your team on the ground), go with Human.

However, traits in general, with science character, depend on what you want to do quite heavily. The science skill tree is somewhat more difficult to use, because while an engineer or a tac can spec up most of the same skills and be able to use them advantageously on either an escort or a cruiser, a science ship's abilities rely on skills that are best put to use on science ships, e.g. Particle Generators.

Assuming you're intending on using a science ship, I would consider Astrophysicist, Conservation of Energy and Photonic Capacitor. Possibly along with Efficient Captain and/or Accurate. The first three are best used on science ships, however, because they boost science skills, enhance science skill-based damage, and rely on the use of science skills, respectively. As such they are much more reliant on using science abilities on a science ship than most traits, even most career-specific traits. I can't comment on the ground traits too much, because I don't know too much about them, though Medical Vanguard seems to be pretty solid.

HOWEVER, it seems that you aren't too fond of science ships. As such I'm not sure what to suggest, other than you might not want to run a science character, period. While I believe that any captain can work in any ship, science captains and ships seem to have a synergy that go together that tac and eng simply don't have. I find it /far/ easier to, say, have my tac run a tactical cruiser than I would have my sci run an escort, for instance. Which is not to say it can't be done, but it's harder. In terms of the Vesta, though, you would have done well to use the aux cannons - it ought to give you a lot of the benefits of energy weapons with most power pushed towards aux. However, this is an excellent example of the specialization science captains seem to require - to get the most out of a Vesta, in some ways you need to tailor yourself for it. For instance, put 0-3 ranks in Starship Weapons Performance and a full 9 ranks in Starship Aux Performance, so as to max out weapon potential and science ability potential.

Someone who is more experienced than myself with science characters may be able to provide better guidance, but I think you may want to rethink a sci in general if you just flat-out don't like the ship abilities.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to quickly plug the Peak Health trait. The extra HP are, IMO, a very sound advantage that can sometimes be the sliver of health between you and a rather gruesome end. I consider it and Soldier to be the most consistently useful ground traits, in general.

Hope this helped some.

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