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02-04-2010, 01:26 PM
Originally Posted by Ulfgarion
This and some more reasons:
When you want to talk to your team you either has to write "/team, blabla" each time or set the chat to team or has to check the wanted channel by the drop down - the chat don't remember last used chat. And guess what: I prefer to be "the quiet quy" and keep talking to my fleet/buddys the comfortable way.
I don't know exactly why but the chat-system just feels "not right". I Can't tell exactly why, I played a lot of games with different chat-systems but this is way different for some reason.

Different windows (and chatboxes at each window!) would help. I still have to figure out why the chat feels way other then other chats I did and do use in other games...
Oh Same here!!

I really don't bother ever talking to teams other then those in my fleet.

Zone is always a junkyard, but when it comes down to playing with
new people, no one hardly says anything cause of how 'clunky' the
chat system is without separate windows and how it doesn't
'switch' to what channel you talk in.

It'd be nice to have that option too, or it will be another 'single-player' mmo
like CO is now.

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