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Once thing I've noticed since the introduction of the Federation "Fleet of 2409" ships past the Odyssey is that there is next to no consistency with the windows when the ships are presented by anyone other than the starship designers.

According to the Odyssey class and images posted by starship design staff, all Starfleet "Fleet of 2409" ships use the "Type 4" windows. All of them. However, in all of the other pictures of these ships, the type of windows the ships have varies as much as the weather.

Why the inconsistency? Even the large models used in the shipyard at Earth Spacedock don't consistently use the canon window type for the line of starships.

P.S. On a slightly related note, the inclusion of a transporter room at the back of the "Aquarius" bridge for the Odyssey class is inconsistent with the fact that the bridge on the ship model itself has windows at that location on the back. I would think that there was supposed to be a briefing or observation room back there, instead of the transporter pad.

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