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this is my 18th year with MMO, nothing happening is unexpected. What is concerning is the time it seemed to take for someone to figure out the server died. I read another post from a Dev that they would look something up Monday when they get back. Can someone like check server status every 5 minutes, especialy since its the first weekend? I dont think thats to much to ask for.
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01-30-2010, 01:55 PM
They know pretty quickly there's a problem... but the games servers aren't some desktops you can just "reboot" when it crashes.

Then the system goes down there' s for a reason and, especially at this stage, they need to identified what caused the problem. It can also muck thing up when it happens. There are databases that can corrupt, load balancing issues that need to be addressed, code bugs they have to identify and work around until it can get patched, Etc. It can get frustrating because the game's very young, but Cryptic is working on it and it's getting updating constantly.

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