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I was in the video settings and noticed an on/off toggle to cut the resolution in half for everything but the UI. I tried it, and it made the ships look like they were in a game from 1999. So I wondered why they put this option in. I put this game on my non-gaming laptop and now I know why.

My laptop runs the game fine in low graphics except for in some sectors or in a HUGE battle in a dense sector. My main question is, is there a forward slash command to toggle the half resolution on and off? Or some kind of keyboard shortcut for it? I only ask because I only need to toggle the half resolution option on on rare occasions and it is annoying to have to go into the options menu. I am hoping for some option so I can quickly toggle it on when my fps drops during the 'dense' system fleet actions.

I was also wondering if anyone else uses this option for anything? Definitely not recommended to do, but it does help me when I need smooth fps and I'm zoomed out and focused on a large fight (where detailed visuals does not matter as much)



P.S I know I have to upgrade my laptop

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