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# 1 Fleet EXP past maximum.
11-11-2013, 08:27 AM
A thought occurred to me today as I looked at the capped exp tracks of my fleet Dilithium Mine. From now on it can only slot projects to earn more provisions but also still gains EXP for Trade or Recruitment which is useless as those tracks are already filled.

Assuming that the game never goes back to those tracks and adds new tiers (please dont, small fleets already struggle to keep up without further bloat) then this EXP is superfluous.

What I propose is that when a fleet caps out a track (Science, Trade, Diplomacy etc) that this extra exp earned from hybrid provision/exp assignments be filtered into any incomplete tracks that a fleet may still have in progress.

For example:

A Dilithium Mine has reached 59,500 Trade exp and is "full" then that fleet queues a provision assignment that still awards +200 Trade exp. Rather than the Mine moving to 25,700 trade exp, that additional +200 is in stead added to the mines Development total if less or if that is also "full" applied against the Embassy projects or the Starbase.

You could even have this as a diminished return for the conversion say that any extra exp is only worth 50% or 25% of its original value when redirected.

I think this sort of conversion would allow smaller fleets who need to carefully maximize the use of contributions and progress to make the best use of not "going over" any limits while a larger fleet is not inhibited as they can still charge ahead at full steam like normal.

- Raith

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