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# 1 How about a decent Mac client?
09-02-2014, 07:47 AM
I play STO on a Mac and it's a terrible experience. The worst gaming experience I currently have.

It crashes more than any other app I use, be it game or not. Surely stability should be an absolute minimum when it comes to developing any program.

When I play I have to set the graphics slider to the low/medium area otherwise the game crashes within a minute. Considering that I have an extraordinarily powerful Mac that can run other games with their graphics setting all set to maximum then that would indicate that the issue lies with the game, not the machine.

Cryptic, when are you going to actually make a game client for Mac users that we can actually feel proud to use instead of this cobbled together patchwork of bugs and glitches that we currently use?

(I have a 2013 Mac Pro 6-Core 3.5GHz with twin D700s (6GB RAM each) and 16GB RAM. Playing ANY game on low/medium is an insult.)
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# 2
09-02-2014, 05:22 PM
The biggest issue with the "Mac" client is that it's not a Mac client.

It's the Windows client, with some slight tweaks, in Transgaming's Cider (essentially, a Wine wrapper).

This is why, on the same machine, playing on OS X will not yield the same performance as playing on a Windows Boot Camp partition.

I seriously doubt they'd sink the manpower into re-tooling the client engine to be cross-platform. They'd be better off either developing a new engine from scratch, or building a client-server framework on top of an existing engine like Unreal.

Either of which would necessitate an STO2 if we're to benefit from it.
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# 3
09-02-2014, 06:25 PM
I used to have a windows partition but seeing as I work on a Mac platform I didn't partition when I got my new Mac.

I know you're right, they'll never devote the manpower to it, but it's just so frustrating!!
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