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# 1 Improvements
11-11-2013, 07:51 PM
1. Men need a youthful complexion. The heroic one is too haggard. The regular one is too masculine. The Asian one is OK, but could use a bit of improvement. There are young officers in Star Trek and young men often are usually wrinkle-free and don't have dark eye bags.

The youthful complexion should be clear, wrinkle-free, and have no beard stubble. This would make it possible to have true blonde and red-haired characters, too, since the current beard stubble shading is dark brown.

Also, randomize the complexion one first receives when a person creates a new character so we don't have so much of the "everyone looks alike" syndrome.

2. There needs to be a way to enable a more positive expression when customizing a character. I don't want a frowning male character. The men on Risa can smile, so why can't any other male characters?

3. Male characters hips and buttocks are combined and should be separated. You have the choice of having a guy with a flat behind and a small waist or a rounder behind and a waist that looks like an old lady's.

Look at SWTOR. Men have much more curvy buttocks in that game. It's a bit exaggerated, but Star Trek is the opposite. It's pancake flat, especially with some of the outfits. It's like the model was Dr. McCoy.

This is what the SWTOR design looks more like:

4. The lip fullness slider for men makes their expression look bad when moved up.

5. Mouth height, nose height, and eye height should have more range when customizing humans. It is difficult to get a mouth close to a nose. There isn't enough control over the cheeks, especially higher on the face. There is also an issue with the neck looking like it has a goiter from the side.

6. Orion men are supposed to be strong but that doesn't mean they all have to look ugly and middle-aged. I was just in the New Romulus warehouse and not a single Orion male looked even slightly attractive. By contrast, the women are obviously the opposite. Let's have more gender parity. Where are the attractive sexy males in this game, except for Risa where they are hardly dressed to the same degree as an Orion woman?

Women and gay men play this game, too. The MMO industry needs to stop catering just to hetero guys.

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