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08-03-2010, 03:35 AM
Originally Posted by veediotgamer View Post
My ship names are all after women I know, knew, or dated. Though the names change, the Designation Number does not. For the women I named a ship after, I did so as a dedication to them.

Miranda Class - USS S. Wess NCC 9346
Constitution Class - USS A. Herrick NCC 912083 - A
Constitution Refit - USS J. Presley NCC 912083 - B
Dakota Class - USS E. Royce NCC 912083 - C

Ship names for my alternate Captain will have a different theme behind them, but probably something similar.
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08-03-2010, 04:41 AM
I try to come up with unique names for my ships that are still trekky sounding. Thoug hwhen I get my Intrepid it will be U.S.S. Andromeda after the trek sim I ran years ago.

My current ship a little nova/aurora mix is the U.S.S. Surprise after the the H.M.S. Surprise in the movie master and commander.
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08-03-2010, 04:55 AM
The random button.

I really don't care about my ships name I suppose.
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# 1204 ship name
08-03-2010, 05:03 AM
have had a couple - the uss goodison after the home of evertoin football club

and the uss monte carlo - just sounded cool to me
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08-04-2010, 10:47 AM
USS Tornado NX-960163-A (saber class) named after the newly built A1 class paciffic locomotive
USS Swiftsure NCC-93003-A (saber class) named fate world war2 royal navy cruiser
USS Repulse NCC-91003 (Stargazer class) Royal navy battle cruiser from world war 2
USS Dreadnought NCC-91906-C (Galaxy class) name just seamed to fit it
USS Dreadnought NCC-91906-D (Galaxy class refit)
USS Hood NCC-91703-E (Sovereign Class) Named for one of the most famous ships in history
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08-04-2010, 11:34 AM
OK, so now I got to Vice Admiral and got a whole bunch of new ships, I thought I'd update.

U.S.S. Bravery - Miranda Class - Ensign/Lieutenant
As my starter ship, I wanted a name that sounded insipring and she was a tough little ship and certainly brave. My fleet did an event where we retrofitted admiral weapons on to our starter ships and the U.S.S. Bravery really stood her ground against Borg cubes and such!

U.S.S. Paragon - Constitution Class - Lieutenant Commander
I decided on Paragon because the definition of that is "a model of excellence" and I wanted to continue the trend of names that would give my ship some kind of personality or reflect the kind of captain I wanted to be. Plus I love Mass Effect!

U.S.S. Paladin - Dakota Class - Commander
I really liked the name of my last ship, the Paragon, so it was hard to come up with something new. I picked Paladin because it sounded similar and also had an awesome meaning "warrior for a cause" which was exactly what I wanted this ship to be.

U.S.S. Meridian - Galaxy Class - Captain
When it came to this ship, I felt that I'd finally got to having the Galaxy I'd always wanted and also the Cardassian front turned out to be the most fun episodes, being based around DS9. Meridian means "a period of great prosperity and success / highest development". Also I wanted to get away from the names beginning with the letter "P" so that it didn't look like some kind of trend!

U.S.S. Paradigm - Sovereign Class - Rear Admiral, Lower Half
Paradigm is a synonym of Paragon and Meridian - "an example of highest acheivement or role model". And went back to the trend of names beginning with "P" at the same time!

U.S.S. Prodigy - Luna/Sol Hybrid - Rear Admiral, Upper Half
The Prodigy continues the names beginning with "P" theme and also is my first science vessel, so it gets a more academic sort of name.

U.S.S. Visionary - Intrepid Refit - Vice Admiral
The Visionary is the current ship I'm commanding. I think it's a cool word, with a meaning I like. It was also one of my favourite DS9 episodes.
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08-04-2010, 11:38 AM
I've had several in my primary character:

Daring (Miranda class)- British destroyer of the 1950s
Ticonderoga (Constitution class)- battle in American Revolution, and often US Navy ship name
Ahwahnee (Cheyenne class)- veteran of Wolf 359, ship returned to service in time for Dominion War
Utopia Planitia (Galaxy class)- named for the famous Starfleet shipyards on Mars
Formidable (Sovereign class)- British aircraft carrier of WWII
Temeraire (star cruiser)- named for a British battleship that was canceled at the end of WWII (my current command)
Cape Fear (runabout)- named for river in North Carolina

My alt-character has had:

Hornet (Centaur class)- named for American aircraft carrier of WWII
Swiftsure (old TOS Connie)- named for starship mentioned in novel "Spock's World"
El Dorado (modified Vesper class)- named for possible starship listed in TOS production memos
Firebrand (Akira class)- named for a ship lost at Wolf 359
Minotaur (Defiant clas)- mythological monster
Audacious (at first Celestial, then refitted to Galaxy class)- British aircraft carrier (current command)

My Klingon character has had:

Pok' Choi (Bird of Prey)- a play on "bok choy," a weed of some kind sold in grocery stores that always sounded Klingon to me.
Klothos (K'Tanco class)- named for a Klingon cruiser...I think either in TOS or the Animated Series (current)
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08-09-2010, 07:03 AM
My shipnames all follow a certain theme.
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08-09-2010, 07:09 AM
Currently on my alt:

USS Valkyrie Playing an offensive science captain and seeing all these klingons like to see themselves as warrior I decided to bring the Valkyrie to have her decides who lives who dies (Read they all die)

Next one will be The Excelsior commandr version when it comes out USS Dawnstar find it fitting for the ship and its legacy.
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08-09-2010, 07:39 AM
my primary is the uss. Cobra. in this online noval i was reading about an attack on earth by the breen, the cobra (a defiant class) was found afloat by the uss swiftsure, and they attempted to salvage it...

i felt that since i had a defiant class, instead of being the 400th person to name it the defiant, i would give a nod to this awsome online noval...

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