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11-26-2010, 11:03 AM
USS Constitution-Sovereign Class- Named for the 18th century American Frigate which had such a sturdy hull that cannon balls would bounce of the hull. It is still offically in active service with the United States Navy and is the oldest commissioned sea-worthy naval vessel in the world.

USS Eisenhower-Galaxy Refit- Named for General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower the Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force in Europe during World War II. He led the all the Allied forces to victory over the Nazis and later became the 34th President of the United States.

USS George Patton-Defiant Refit-Named after General George Smith Patton Jr. Commander of United States Third Army. One of if not the best armored field commanders to ever step upon the battlefield.

USS Omar Bradley-Intrepid Refit- Named for General Omar Bradley Commander of Twelfth United States Army Group. He commanded the American half of the D-Day landings and later commanded much of the American Forces charging across Europe into Germany. He later was promoted to General of the Army and became the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

USS Florida-Galaxy X- No fancy description here, its the state I'm from and live in
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11-26-2010, 11:33 AM
USS Warchild - Named for a Steamrunner class starship from my fanfic series that served from 2372-2374 and was destroyed with all hands lost during the Dominion War.
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11-26-2010, 11:50 AM
NX- 912045-D, U.S.S. Sinistar Reborn, Defiant class Tactical Escort Refit.

My ship is a refit of a past Tactical Escort ship that was destroyed in battle, that is why I added `reborn` in this version. The name Sinistar comes from a horrifying old arcade game that scared the bejesus out of me as a child.

In the Sinistar game you would pilot a spacecraft gathering the only object capable of damaging Sinistar.

While doing so you would get taughted by the menacing voice of Sinistar untill he appeared, chased down your ship and eats it.

No one stands a chance against Sinistar. It is a giant spacecraft eating skull thing that cannot be stopped. It constantly hungers for more, and destroys all in its path.

``I am Sinistar! Beware I LIVE!! Run, run, run!! Beware coward!! RUN coward! RAAWWRR! I Hunger!``
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USS Mutara, Nebula class Advanced Research Cruiser
USS 40 Eridani, all-Vulcan crewed DSSV
USS 61 Cygni, all-Tellarite crewed RSV
USS Empress of Indii, all Andorian crewed Dreadnought

"Captain, pattern-recognition subroutines running at 99.9%..."
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11-26-2010, 04:33 PM
The USS Mah'alleinir

From the Wheel of Time series, it's the name of Perrin's Power wrought Hammer
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I think I've already covered my main character's ships far earlier in the thread, but I've got a few more to add.

USS Delphi: Nebula-class science cruiser, named because I like the sound of it.

USS Raleigh: Luna-class variant experimental recon explorer vessel, named twofold after the capital of my home state and Sir Walter Raleigh.

IKS Skeiron: Bird-of-Prey, named after a minor Greek wind god.
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11-26-2010, 04:56 PM
My Intrepid is named the USS Richard Feynman, after my favorite physicist and personal hero. Also my Intrepid Refit, the USS Richard Feynman II.

My Nebula is the USS Into the Void. That should be pretty obvious
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USS Valley Forge - Named after the valley where General Washington settled his troops for a long and harsh winter.

USS Paramount - Definition: above others in rank or authority; superior in power or jurisdiction.

USS Sentinel - Named after the USAF unmanned aircraft RQ-170

USS Predator - Again named after a USAF unmanned aircraft the MQ-1
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My ship is the USS Andromeda, Constitution Class, named after the Andromeda Asendant from the TV show

USS Akatsuki, Light Cruiser. In japanese, Akatsuki means Dawn or Daybreak

And last but not least.

The USS Saratoga, a canon ship from ST: Movie and ST: DS9 as well as a novel...cause everyone knows that the saratoga is starfleets bish lol.
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I decided that all my ships would be named after events, places, or people from my home country of Canada.

USS Charlottetown - Shikar Class - Origin: Provincial Capital of Prince Edward Island, Location of the signing of the "BNA Act, 1867" - which would be analogous to Canada's "Declaration of Independence" and her first Constitution. (before anyone asks, I'm a Toronto born and Mississauga raised)

USS Strachan - Excalibar Class - Origin: Bishop John Strachan was an important Anglican Bishop during the early 19th century, who ended up founding 2 Universities (including my alma matter).

USS Pearson - Stargazer Class - Origin: Canadian Prime Minister, full name Lester B. Pearson, winner of the Noble Peace Prize for coming up with the idea of UN Peacekeepers

USS MacDonald - T3 Galaxy/T5 Celestial - Origin: First Canadian Prime Minister, Full Name Sir John A. MacDonald. Ship was originally a T3 Galaxy, but was exchanged for a T5 Celestial when it came out.

USS Canada - Nomad Class - Origin: Self evident - Main Vessel

USS Dominion - Sovereign Class - Origin: When Canada was founded, it was decided that it's full name was to be "The Dominion of Canada" However in recent years the descriptive "Dominion" has been completely dropped. My original intention was to fly the Dominion and the Canada equally, but i just ended up playing the Canada all the time.

USS Credit River - Danube Class - Origin: Nearest river to my present location.

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