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08-02-2011, 08:32 AM
Originally Posted by XScimitarX View Post
USS Saratoga
STO Registry Number: NCC-91002-A
Actual Registry Number: NCC-1887
Class: Miranda

Saratoga was the ship disabled by the "Whale Song" energy probe in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
Not to mention the name of a ship destroyed at Wolf 359, which was a modified Miranda.

The Saratoga really has an undeserved reputation of being "Star Trek's punching bag," since we only see two ships with the name being disabled or destroyed.
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08-02-2011, 08:40 AM
USS Repulse
Excelsior Refit

The original USS Repulse (NCC-2544) was an Excelsior Class ship constructed late in the 23rd Century that served Starfleet in various capacities until after the Dominion War. It was one of a very few vessels with 4-digit registry numbers still in service in the late 24th Century, making it one of the oldest ships in Starfleet.

The name "Repulse" can itself be traced back through the British Royal Navy and has been used for ships dating all the way back to the 17th Century. The most famous vessel was a Renown Class Battlecruiser that fought with distinction in WWI and was sunk by Japanese air attack in the opening days of WWII, 10 Dec. 1941, with the loss of over 500 officers and men.

My particular USS Repulse is an imagination of the original hull brought out of mothballs, stripped to its spaceframe and completely rebuilt with modern equipment to serve against the numerous threats facing the Federation in the early 25th Century.
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08-03-2011, 06:34 AM
So I've dumped my Original Engineer guy, and am building a new Toon. MY first feamle toon, her name is Misa Hayase, and she's command such ships (so far) as the following.

Tier 0 - USS Valkyrie
Tier 1 - USS Cyclone
Tier 2 - USS Centaur
Tier 3 - USS Daedalus
Futur Ships:
Tier 4 - USS Henry Gloval
Tier 5 - USS Macross

Based this grouping on the old Robotech series, with my toon's name comgin from the original japanese character that would become Lisa Hayes in the US Series. All her BOffs are named after prominent character names from teh US Series.
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08-03-2011, 07:19 AM
I think I've posted in here before, but after 163 pages, who's keeping track, here goes:

With my tactical VA, Underwood:

-U.S.S. Adelbert Ames NCC-103135: Named for a Medal of Honor winner from the Civil War. His name has gone to five ships - the original and the A were the same variant design of the Tier 1 light cruiser (ShiKahr hull, Miranda rollbar and nacelles, Centaur pylons), the B an unmodified Akira, the C an unmodified Prometheus, and the D (current) an unmodified Galaxy. I might rename the Galaxy once I get my Odyssey after the next FE.

-U.S.S. Benjamin Butler NCC-110518: Ames' father-in-law, a somewhat controversial figure (the South called him "Beast", among other things), but one who's semi-respected in Massachusetts. Two ships - the original was a variation on the Connie refit (Excalibur hull and nacelles, Vesper pylons and neck, Connie saucer), and the Butler-A (my current ride) a T5 Excelsior, in original configuration.

-U.S.S. Lowell NX-311826: The city in Massachusetts that was home to the two men above. Though it's been two different ships, I consider them one and the same because the first incarnation was the regular Galaxy I had at Captain, and its current incarnation is the Galaxy Dreadnought.

-U.S.S. Crowninshield NX-122772: My retrofit Defiant, which has had a few changes made (hull of a Vigilant, nacelles of a Gallant). Named for Benjamin Williams Crowninshield, a cabinet member for Presidents Madison and Monroe, and a distant ancestor of mine. In its original configuration (plain Defiant), it was called the Argent Crusade, one of my occasional homages to my MMO roots in World of ********.

-U.S.S. Tuolumne NCC-110195: My runabout. In keeping in the spirit of this class, it's named for a river - to be specific, a river in California that flows from Yosemite to the city of Modesto, where I lived for many years.

My science RA, G'dath:

-U.S.S. Eisenstein NCC-98123: The Intrepid-class ship I ran at Captain, and will run again at Vice Admiral. The name has two sources: 1)the ship from Warhammer 40,000 lore (the "Flight of the Eisenstein" is part of the Horus Heresy legend), and 2)the Soviet film director Sergei Eisenstein, whose major works include the silent films The Battleship Potemkin and October, and the sound films Alexander Nevsky and Ivan the Terrible.

-U.S.S. Gilneas NX-120710: The Nebula-class I ran at Commander. Another WoW reference.

-U.S.S. Mikhail Britanov NX-100116: A modified Oracle-class ship (with nacelles and hull from the Destiny). Named for a character from my roleplaying, a respected general in the Starfleet Marine Corps killed during a conflict called the "Divine War", two decades prior to STO.

-U.S.S. Iapetus NCC-102571: The Luna-class ship I got at around the same time, named for one of the moons of Saturn (in keeping with the spirit of the class names). Iapetus had in fact been the original destination of the Discovery in the book version of 2001, but it was retconned to Jupiter in the movie and in the sequel book/movie, 2010.

-U.S.S. Andronius NCC-200707: The D'Kyr science ship I claimed when I got to LH1 (I had bought the ship in the C-Store months earlier with my tac VA, just for giggles). Named for a Space Marine Strike Cruiser of the Emperor's Children Legion from the Horus Heresy novel series.

-U.S.S. Firebird NCC-200707-S: The Tal'Kyr that came with the D'Kyr, named for the personal assault ship of Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor's Children.

-U.S.S. Graf Spee NX-121739: A combination Emissary/Vanguard star cruiser I bought with the free token I got at RA Upper Half, seeing as I had all the science choices already (wouldn't give me the Nebula, the bastids, lol). Unfortunately the whole name (that is, Admiral Graf Spee) could not go on this ship's hull. Named for a German "pocket battleship" of World War II, commanded by a captain whose code of honor earned him the respect of his adversaries; the ship was in turn named for a German admiral in World War I.

My engineer LG, Devaneaux:

-IKS Terminus Est: The Kar'Fi carrier I got at Lieutenant General. Latin for "this is the end", Terminus Est was yet another homage to the Horus Heresy, in this case the flagship of one Calas Typhon of the Death Guard Legion, who would achieve ten thousand years of notoriety as Typhus, the Herald of Nurgle. The name seemed to fit to me, because - as I wrote in one of my fan fics - the ship was part of an infernal horde intended to bring the end of the Empire, and now her captain is using the ship to bring the end to the Empire's enemies.

-IKS VeS'jach: The Negh'var I got at Brigadier General, the name means "Warcry". Another thing dating back to my roleplaying, as it was the flagship of General K'van, whom Devaneaux befriended during the Divine War.

-IKS VeS'puq: The Toron shuttle I got for the Vault, and it means "Warchild". Will probably be replaced with the captain's yacht-type thing once I hit 400 days (which should be in about two weeks, lol).

-IKS Devaneaux's Fury: The B'rel Bird-of-Prey I started with. I also gave this name to the retrofit; I only fly in it for giggles at this point, since the B'rel retrofit sucks.

-IKS Kelenek'che'sa: The Vor'cha I got at Captain, and again as a retrofit, referring to a planet where Devaneaux's life "changed forever". General K'van had also participated in this battle.

-IKS Hovpuq: The K't'inga I flew around in at Commander, meaning "Starchild". Referring to a race of my devising, of which Devaneaux and Underwood are resident experts. My "alien" crewmembers on all three of my major characters' ships are of this race. I kept it even after I got to General, as I had been inspired by a friend, Krenn, to do so.
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08-03-2011, 05:19 PM
My ship is named after my girlfriend.

My other one is named after my parrot.

In reverse order
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08-03-2011, 10:15 PM
New Ship for Lt Commander:

Name: USS Hazelton
Registry Number: NCC-91002-A (Bye bye faithful Miranda class ship!)
Class: Vesper

Hazelton is where I grew up for a few years during my childhood. It is also where my Mother was born and where my Grandfather still lives to this day. The actual location is Hazelton, BC, Canada.
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08-03-2011, 10:25 PM
USS Determination - it just came to me. I always had the determination to succeed.

IKS Doq Jajlo' - Klingonese, "Red Dawn". I thought it was a name robust enough for a KDF ship.
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08-03-2011, 11:00 PM
U.S.S. Archytas after

Best name for a sci toon commanding an Intrepid-R!
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On my main, i Fly a star cruiser that's named "Ralph Reuss III" with NX-91450 as the registry.

This is the name and birth date of my dad, which is able to work because he was actually born in September the only month it will work for.

My father was an avid trek fan and raised his boys on trek, my brother and I. Sadly he passed away in November of '09 just before this game came out. I had showed him pictures and videos and told him about the new Star trek MMO that was coming out, and he was wanting to see it. However he did not make it. He did however see the star cruiser drawings and noted that he like them best of all.

So in Honor of my father and for the series he loved so much, I fly the Star Cruiser "Ralph Reuss III" NX-91450, Boldly going where no one has gone before...

/me wipes a tear from his eye and salutes.
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09-21-2011, 12:16 PM

My ship is named after a combination of distaster and terrific. It's either from Final Fantasy X or X-2. Been awhile since I've played those games. Probably X-2.

Find it quite fitting, since I end up on top of the damage list quite often. Both delivered and received. Yeah I die a lot

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