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04-03-2012, 10:14 AM
USS Raging Tempest, my Tactical Escort Retrofit.

When my Main was T4 a couple of months after launch, I had a Tactical Escort I named the USS Tempest.

When I got to T5, I came up with a story that it had been destroyed in battle, so I could go to a Fleet Escort. However, when Tac Escort Retrofits became available, I snapped one up, naming it the USS Raging Tempest, because it was basically the original Tempest reborn, except much stronger. It now uses the Sao Paulo Exterior.
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04-03-2012, 02:21 PM
U.S.S Dauntless - Odyssey Cruiser. Origin - HMS Dauntless a type 45 destroyer in the British navy
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04-03-2012, 02:32 PM
I could've sworn I'd posted here, but I guess there's no better time than the present:

USS Zakat: My main's first ship, named for a song from my favorite band, means "sunset" in Russian

USS Cosmos: The original name of my first Nova-class ship and my main's Odyssey Ops cruiser

USS Kuiper: Original name of my Olympic-class, currently the name of my Nebula retrofit, named for astronomer Gerard Kuiper

USS Mariner: My first Intrepid, named for the NASA probe series sent to Mercury, Venus, and Mars that later evolved into the Viking and Voyager programs

USS Selene: My Luna-class sceince vessel, named for the Greek goddess of the moon

USS Charon: Oracle-class science vessel, named for Pluto's moon and the ferryman of the underworld in Greek mythology

USS Aria: My tac officer's first ship, named for the above-mentioned band

USS Orion: Originally my tac officer's Exeter-class ship, now said officer's Odyssey

USS Viceroy: Galaxy-class, named for an old starship design I came up with a few years back

USS Caliburn: Sovereign-class, named for one of the ancient names of Excalibur. Or maybe it was a totally different sword, I forget...

USS Kilij: My engineer's Saber-class, a type of sword from Turkey

USS Vigilant: Engineer's Sao Paulo-class, I picked out the name before remembering that there was already a Vigilant-class and just stuck with it

USS S'harien: Engineer's Prometheus-class, a Vulcan swordsmith mentioned in the Romulan campaign, seemed fitting for an escort with a Vulcan captain

USS Von Braun: Oberth-class, named for everyone's favorite German rocket scientist

USS Pioneer: New science captain's Intrepid-class, named for the two probes sent ahead of the Voyager program

IKS Omolgeth, IKS Helexith, IKS Greeshakk, IKS Lashnar: A pair of raptors and science vessels respectively used by my KDF characters, named for characters/locations in the Nova Refuge (soon to be) book series

IKS Comicron One: Phalanx-class, jokinginly named for the ship used by Linkara on Atop the Fourth Wall

IKS K'mpec: Bortas-class, named for a Klingon chancellor

IKS Picard: Bortasqu on Tribble, I'm honestly surprised it let me use the name
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04-03-2012, 10:03 PM
U.S.S. Neal A. Stark - Real World Name
U.S.S. Danny J. Stark - Real World Father
U.S.S. Samson - Biblical man of great strength (Book of Judges)
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04-03-2012, 11:08 PM
U.S.S. Olympic (Sovereign): pure luck of the draw. This ship still has a free rename, and I'm not using it.
U.S.S. Everest (Odyssey Star Cruiser): Originally the Martin, but I wanted a name that befits the ship's girth.
U.S.S. Earl Grey-T (Galaxy): Purely for the pun.
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04-03-2012, 11:18 PM
Here we go with my names:

U.S.S. Socrates- Named for the famous Greek Philosopher. Other ships of my first character (A science officer0 include the U.S.S. Plato (a Vulcan D'kyr Vessel) and the U.S.S Archimedes (Advanced Escort)

U.S.S. Hadrian (Excelsior Cruiser)-Named after the Roman Emperor, third of the five good Emperors of the Pax Romana (Roman Peace). Other cruiser I had included the U.S.S Nerva (TOS Constitution) and the U.S.S. Trajan (Cruiser Refit)

Now for the Klingons:

I.K.S. Masamune- named after the mythical sword, which befits the Captain's attitude and the ship (a Qin Heavy Raptor)

I.K.S. Sugh'da- random name because the game won't let me name it the I.K.S. Martok (yet allowed me to name my Vorcha the Gowron and my K'tinga the Lord Kruge, go figure). Need to find another Klingon Chancellor to rename the ship (not J'mpok)
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04-03-2012, 11:21 PM
U.S.S. Vanden Plas - Awesome progressive metal band.
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04-03-2012, 11:27 PM
Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
I've got a few more since I last (I expect) posted in here.

I.K.S. Mustakrakish - Garumba siege destroyer, named for a lake troll accidently awakened by the band Dethklok in Metalocalypse.

I.K.S. Stu'Ka - My Hegh'ta is running under this name now since I turned into something of a Tric-bomber, and the name is from the JU-87 Stuka dive bomber.

U.S.S. Thunderhorse - Fleet Escort, also a Metalocalypse reference.

U.S.S. Crazyhorse - The one from TNG, an Excelsior.

U.S.S. Apache - My tactical captain's Excelsior, in line with the many native American ship names that the class appeared with.

U.S.S. Phoenix - Nebula, named for Captain Maxwell's Nebula in "The Wounded", partially a response to all the Galors we're seeing, partially a nod to the phoenix that broke the light barrier.
Pure win for both of these names +100000000000000000000000000000000000000
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04-04-2012, 05:37 AM
USS Indomitable(Sovereign)-fitting for a powerful assault/offensive cruiser
USS Sojourner(Odyssey)-appropriate for explorer flagship cruiser.

IKS Nenghep(Bortasqu)-Klingon, means Age of Ascension, whatever that means sounds cool enough
IKS Yoj(Bortasqu)-Klingon, means Judgment, this is the last thing you're going to see Starpeeps and after this a long sleep in death until judgment day before God :p

IKS Tavor(B'rel retrofit)- ancient Aramaic meaning misfortune, hoping it will bring misfortune to the ship it targeted.

IKS Korona(Bortas)-Russian and Greek, meaning crown or crown of leaves, ship fitting for a king.
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04-06-2012, 07:27 AM
My latest is an MVAE christened the U.S.S. Legion.

"My name is Legion, for we are many." Mark 5:9

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