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I currently fly the USS Byzantium, named for the empire that’s heart existed in what is now modern day Turkey. The Byzantine Empire was the last direct descendant of the Roman Empire; people from their empire called themselves Romans and carried on many Roman customs where other Western powers were increasingly influenced by Germanic migrations and invasions.

After the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the beginning of the Dark Ages, the Byzantine Empire was renowned as a centre of learning and culture. Princesses who where born in the Byzantine imperial “purple” were highly valued for their ability to create strong political alliances with a great, powerful empire.

Whilst the Byzantines were a Christian influenced empire, they were amongst the first to exercise a strong degree of separation of church from state, as well as exerting a significant amount of independence from the Catholic Church in Rome, allowing for the development of the Eastern Orthodox Church as well as laying the groundwork for the later protestant movement and consequently the enlightenment.

Militarily and Geographically, the Byzantine Empire sat at the door of Europe and the Middle East, and existed in a time of great conquest. With the rise of Islam, as well as the movements of raiding tribes such as the Mongols, the City of Constantinople (capital of the Byzantine Empire) with its mighty walls stood as an impenetrable barrier that allowed for the formation of the Europe we see today. It was only through the invention of gun powder that the Ottoman Turks were able to finally invade the city and destroy the last linage of the Roman Empire.
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02-14-2010, 05:24 AM
origin of your ship name
My laziness.

USS Discovery, science ship.

Yeah, i know....
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I'm in a science vessel.

I named it the USS Dawkins.

He is an evolutionary biologist that coined the term "meme" to describe ideas that spread much like genetic traits through a culture.
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Originally Posted by CaptainThraxx
Why did you pick it any real reason or was it just random post it here.
I've got a couple of ship names from my days playing the FASA Star Trek role playing game and Starfleet Command (1, 2, and 3).
My starter ship, the U.S.S San Jacinto - I'm Texan and San Jacinto is an important place in Texas History.
My current ship is the Consitution (Refit) class U.S.S. Icarus -- An ill-fated pilot of Greek Mythology.
My Sovvy will be the U.S.S Sword of Damocles. A reminder that no matter how powerful you are, there's always something about to drop on your head.
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Trashbarge is a longtime ship name for me. If you say it out loud it sounds like a powerful name from legend.

Flaming Chaos and Astral Duchess are randomly generated from the seventh sanctum ship name generator.

Devout End Is a gunlance from monster hunter

All Creation (which only works for an alien on the klingon faction since it looks silly with a prefix behind the name and also looks silly being piloted by any of the klingon races) is what i usually name huge powerful death machines.

Fabulous Prizes is what i always named things in EVE if i was making a risky solo transport run with something valuable. Thinking at least it would make the killmail look good It is one of my newbie ship name options in this game.

Schamayim is an esoteric word which is the name of the sea of fiery water that surrounds the universe
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Well, since I've had quite a few ships...the list is long. But generally I've picked famous ships from history or fiction and reused their names in honor of them.

Fed Engineer:
Light Cruiser: Reluctant - AK 601 from Mister Roberts.
Cruiser: Redoubtable - Famous ship name from both English and French history.
Heavy Cruiser: Avarice - A good stout name for a ship.
Exploration Cruiser: Warspite - Famous ship from English History
Star Cruiser: Venerable - Famous ship name from English History
Assault Cruiser: Retribution - Famous ship name from English History

B'Rel Bird Of Prey: Razee - Type of ship, but makes a good name for a Klingon ship.
Qul'dun Bird of Prey: Valmy - Largest Ship of the Line ever built - French.
K'Tinga: Hotspur - One of Horatio Hornblower's ships.
Vor'Cha: Vindictive - Famous English Ship name. (Planned)
Negh'Var: Sceptre - Famous French Ship name. (Planned)
Vo'Quv: Tonnant - Old French word for weight. (Planned)
Hegh'Ta BoP: Chimera - Famous ship name from a number of sources. (Planned)

Science Officer:
Light Cruiser: Nonsuch - One of Horatio Hornblower's ships.
Science Vessel: Sirius - Quite fitting for a science ship. (planned)
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Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
I'm in a science vessel.

I named it the USS Dawkins.

He is an evolutionary biologist that coined the term "meme" to describe ideas that spread much like genetic traits through a culture.
Bah - I was going to have a Dawkins, too! :p

My tactical ships (current main):
USS Leinster - province of Ireland and ancient kingdom
USS Tara - seat of the High Kings of Ireland
the rest of my tactical ships will also follow the Irish theme.

USS Lagavulin
the rest of my cruisers will also be named after Islay single-malt Scotch whisky distilleries :p

USS Darwin
and the rest of my science ships will be named after scientists and/or atheists, culminating in the USS Dawkins.
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USS Horizon, because it sounds good for a Star Trek Vessel.

USS Brando, because of Marlon Brando, one of the best actors ever.
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i have the USS grifffin cos this was my ship name in SWG

My new one is the USS GLIESE

This is the first planet that we have discovered that is in the goldilocks zone. For people who dont know , the first planet outside our solar system was discovered in 1995, since then we have discovered almost 500 new planets.
The goldilocks zone is the term used to describe a planet that is the perfect distance from its sun , (not too hot and not too cold)
this planet is called gliese iirc there are 4 planets around this star and for those who really care to know , its actually relatively close , if we could travel at light speed , it would only take 20 years to get there , 20 light years away sadly at current speeds it would take us 1k years to get there hehe
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Most of my ships so far have been named after my dogs, who have mythology-based names (Anubis, Erebus, Morpheus) and each one has been matched to a ship that best fits their "personalities."

My current ship is a Stargazer-class that I named the USS Picard because of the history there. My final ship will be the Hellguard, named after my City of Heroes main character that has become my online handle/identity.

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