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Well I dunno which topic area is best to place it at since it kinda spans over both pvp and pve... and covers missions and vendors.... but I was hoping...

Since the rewards for both exploration and medals are the same... is it possible for us to have some kind of conversion system?

like 2 exploration badges = 1 medal pvp of the same rank... and vice versa (2 medal for 1 exploration).

Also allow us to convert like 10 exploration or medal pvp of a lower rank to one rank higher... (10 tier 1 = 1 tier 2).

That way we will not have like left over badges/medals lying around being wasted away.... and also allow us to get the reward we want especially if we do both pvp and exploration.... but is shy of just 2-3 badges/medals

We can't abuse the system and get a gazillion low exploration badge and just mass convert them up since the enemies we face are +0 levels no matter what tier exploration we do (so a level 40 doing arucanis arm exploration are facing level 40 enemies and there is a 20-30 min cooldown on the exploration quest?)... and pvp we're automatically moved to the appropriate tier... and items have minimum levels to use so we can't get admiral gear and equip them at like level 20.

It'll also give klingon players an "easier" time in getting stuff... since currently 90% of their gameplay is through pvp and the rest are all exploration... and we all know klingons needs some TLC at the moment.

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