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# 1 Camera Fly By
11-14-2013, 09:09 AM
Lads, honestly, CAN WE GET THIS REMOVED ALREADY? Or at least put in an option to disable it?

Lets look at the simple situation the toon on Quonos wants to get to the mine:

1. teleport to Quonos space
1 flyby before teleport
1 flyby after teleport

2. transwarp to Fleet SB
1 flyby before tw
1 flyby after tw

3. dock to sb
1 flyby before dock
1 flyby after dock

4. shuttle to mine
1 flyby before shuttle
1 flyby after shuttle

5. dock to mine
1 flyby before docking
1 flyby after docking

DATS 10 CAMERA FLY-BYS just to move from 1 useful location to another useful location. I don't know about you but it gets really irritating watching the same bloody animation 10 bloody times in the length of 3 minutes.

Now, from time to time something gets borked and fly by animation is not displayed, which leads me to believe that the tech is already there. So can we expose it to the user please? Heck I can even edit ui_options.txt myself just to get rid of it! Just tell me which line.

Also after season 8 patch:
* fly by animation grabs the cursor and you can't move it to another window in "window" mode.
* every now and then it looses size of chat and few other ingame windows, chat is set to default, other windows seem to like go full screen
* and also in patch notes "Some players are experiencing a crash during the loading screen. We are continuing to work on a resolution and will note it in patch notes once one is available."

All of three lead me to belive that somebody is messing with the graphics engine, so can we ask to stop messing and fix the damn thing?


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# 2
11-14-2013, 09:18 AM
hmmm... "fed gameplay"... guess this is in the wrong forum. what forum wud be right for this then?
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