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because that free month wont cut it!!
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01-30-2010, 03:39 PM
I'm of the opinion that all MMO devs should give away the client for free as well as give you a free month play. I've yet to see ANY MMO dev release a game and client that is acceptably stable and problem free (note my emphasis on acceptably, this isn't an unrealistic demand). If a single-player game was released in the kind of state most MMO games are released to retail there would be an uproar. The fact that it's a MMO is irrelevent.

I would be fine if the kind of issues we see in release clients are those relating to Internet connections such as disconnects, some problems logging in etc because the only way to iron out these issues is to have thousands of subscribers actually trying to log in, so I'd happily put up with this kind of issue as long as it's ironed out within a week or two.

What I DON'T find acceptable are game issues that are simply related to releasing to retail too early, simply in order to start raking in revenue while they continue to fix things to an acceptable state (note the emphasis again). I'm talking about game play issues such as quest/mission stopping bugs that prevent you from completing it for example, plus the myriad other in-game things unrelated to actual Internet connections.

Consisdering that all MMOs release in a really poor state we are all effectively beta testing for another month or two after retail release, so give us the client for free and at least one months free play.

It ain't going to happen I know but that's only because of the "Ho Hum it's the way things are" muppets that are apathetic and willing to take the full fist by MMO devs and publishers when it comes to demanding basic software and service quality - you know who you are

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