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Hey everybody,

I've noticed this for a while now, dont know if its a bug or working as intended. It's been doing it since before S8 so i dont think thats an issue.

-Put torpedo launchers on autofire
-star firing on target while it is out of torpedos arc (broadsiding for example)
-torpedo icon will start to pulse
-activate torpedo: high yield or torpedo: spread (30 sec timer will show up on torpedo icon)
-torpedo is still pulsing, has a timer and target still outside of its firing arc
-target enters firing arc of torpedo
-high yield/spread does not fire and normal torpedo does not fire
-torpedo launcher goes on 6-8 second cooldown (probably its normal cooldown)
-high yield and spread timer are still counting down
-you can do this multiple times if after previous step the target moves out of the firing arc and back in
-after the 6-8 second cooldown is finished (but the high yield and spread timer are still ticking) turn the firing arc back towards the target and it may go on cooldown again and not fire.

That is what i'm seeing...Right now i'm using a regular plasma XII torpedo launcher if that makes a difference. I think its happened to me too on a quantum torpedo launcher.
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12-05-2013, 09:30 PM
I've noticed this for a while now. I reported it a while ago, too.

At first I noticed it with the Temporal Disruption Device, which I have mounted on the rear. Trigger HY, do my fore shooting, turn to get the torpedo's arc on target, and sometimes it "skip" fires--the cooldown begins but no torpedo is fired. The HY overlay still shows on torpedo icon. The torpedo is definitely NOT on CD, since this happens even on the first cube in ISE, etc. And it occurs whether the torpedo is set to auto-fire or not.

I've also been toying with rear-mounting the Gravimetric Photon torpedo next to the Temporal Disruption Device (HY/TS), and when it happens BOTH torpedoes skip fire. I have the Grav set to auto fire and the Temp set to manual, and they both go into CD instead of firing/being available to fire.

Really, really, really annoying bug.
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12-05-2013, 10:40 PM
Most often what I get is first torpedo that should have fired starts a normal cd timer, than after that timer expires it fires the torpedo it should have fired the first time before the cd timer.
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12-06-2013, 11:02 AM
I reported this as a bug about 10 days ago. I will activate HYIII, but nothing fires. The torp goes into cooldown as if something has been fired, but there is no graphical representation of the torpedo nor is there any damage after several seconds. I am seeing something similar with Torp Spread. Often times I will fire it and only 2 torps will be produced while using the Romulan Hyper torp. It sometimes works and produces 6 torpedoes, but about half the time it bugs.

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12-07-2013, 05:43 AM
Oh god, now i know y high yield 3 was acting so weird. At first i thought there is a limit of time between torpedo high yield attacks that resets if you dont use high yield for a while. So if you activate high yield but u dont use it for, lets say 30 seconds, then you need to activate it again.

And what i dont understand is why we cant shot 2 torpedos one after another.. happens to me i have 2 torpedo launchers aft and i can only fire one of em and after the cooldown the other one. Its curious because if i use high yield or torpedo spread, i can fire the first high yield torpedo and after that the second normal torpedo. But not on the contrary. At first i thought it was cuz i didnt have enough weapons power, but i tried already with the weapon power maxed.
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12-27-2013, 03:30 PM
I'm noticing this as well on my torp boat. HY or TS activates and none of the torpedoes would fire. I'd have to manually fire all torpedoes before it starts going into autofire but as soon as I change targets it bugs out again.
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03-12-2015, 08:21 PM
I was wondering if anyone was having this problem as i cant seem to find it anywhere but I got the d'kora and I just put the particle emission torps but when I fire them nothing happens but I can see the blast damage of them hitting the ship, just wondered if this is a glitch or something.
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03-13-2015, 01:23 AM
yep nobody seems to care about both bugs. the autfire-bug is several months old, the TS/HY not fireing Bug several weeks.

@veritasluxmea66: this is only a graphical glitch when many weapons are fired at the same time
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03-15-2015, 03:26 PM
part of the reason is because torps in the frontal weps slot seem to randomize firing cycles, they don't fire left to right the way they are supposed to
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03-16-2015, 09:25 AM
Originally Posted by wardcalis View Post
part of the reason is because torps in the frontal weps slot seem to randomize firing cycles, they don't fire left to right the way they are supposed to
They can but you have to do fire them in a certain way. For example, I have 3 frontal torpedo launchers equipped. One grav and two photon slotted left to right starting from slot 2 through 4. The first slot is a phaser beam array i use for subsystem targeting and expose weakness. One of my attack methods is to tach beam the hell out of an NPC until their shields are own or nearly down. Then load target engines, high yield 2 or 3 depending on what i feel like equipping with all frontal weapon bays set to auto fire. i then hit the fire button which for me always launchers the grav torp with high yield first.

the trick is not to randomly spam the HY ability while auto fire continues in the case one of my photon's get the ability. when this happens the firing sequence seems to set to whatever the last torp was which used the ability. if you don't load high yield again, then stop firing, and wait for all of your torps to cooldown then load HY and begin firing anew your torps will always fire in sequence.

to the OP, this has been a problem for as long as I've played as more apparent with torps like tricobolt. and usually when it would be a kill shot on an sitting duck. i think of it as NPC plot armor.

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