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Hi DOffers,

the last Thread about the DOffTrekker was closed for inactivity (granted it was a bit old)
but it was requested of me to make a new Thread so it can get stickied *yay*, so here we go

First let me say to the Oldschool DOffers that know their way around the DOff Community:
I am not very active in-game anymore (6000 hrs playtime and 11 chars over 4 years seems like enough of STO for the moment.) and not everybody has access to the Editor Sheet's Talk Page... so this is a good place to get into contact with me for any sort of Feedback about the DOffTrekker and stuff.

I will make sure to keep an eye on this Thread.

But we want to make a Sticky Thread, i guess a little introduction for any new Players to what we do and how we play is in order here.


"DOFFJOBS" is a chat channel.
Obviously for the purpose of talking about DOff Stuff.
I am NOT the Owner of this chat channel, whoever created that channel has left STO and never returned, this channel is pure anarchy by now, use of your Ignore button is highly recommended if you have problems with Trolls.
But it is still the best place to talk about the Duty Officer System and share assignment infos etc.
There have been attempts to take control of the channel back or move the Userbase to a new moderated channel, that didn't work, so instead we moved the "Assignment Callouts" into another Channel.

"DOFFCALLS" is also a in-game chat channel, created by *us* (this one IS moderated),
and it has strict rules:

- NO CHAT! / NO QUESTIONS! / NO TALKING! (that is what DOFFJOBS and /TELL are there for)
- ONLY Assignment Callouts
- "Bridge Invites" are technically allowed too, but they usually stay inside DOFFJOBS too.

be warned, if you start chatting in DOFFCALLS there will be at least 3 - 5 players jumping at you (which technically is a violation of the rules too, that can be done via /tell too... but... whatever).

The main function of this Channel is so our DOffTrekker Editors can easily see all the Callouts from you Players and add it to the Editor Sheet, which then will forward the found information of the Player to the DOffTrekker, without searching through all the Chat that is going on in DOFFJOBS.
But it is also a nice channel if you just like to keep your Ears open for good assignments, just in case you don't use the DOffTrekker.

What is DOffTrekker?

The "DOffTrekker" is what i made... with a little help of the Community (which means a LOT of Help from a few People and a little Help from a lot of People. )

Technically it is a Google Doc (Spreadsheet), you will want to make your own Copy of it, for that you will need a Google Account (username, password, email address... the usual account stuff).

The complete Setup Information can be found on http://bit.ly/DOFFTREKKER3

And in fact i suggest you go there right now, because on the first "Tab" i have made a pretty extensive Read Me that explains everything the DOffTrekker is and does in Detail already (with pretty pictures and everything).
(Tabs for the other Sheets "Account Overview" "FED" + "KDF Character" are on the bottom, the first thing you will see is the Read Me).

DOffTrekker tracks your Duty Officer progress for all your Characters and tells you where to go for Assignments that you want to do next.

That means:
- It tells you the Location of current DOff Assignment (that have been found in this current 4 hour Cycle and reported by currently playing Players! -> no Automation, all Info is collected and submitted by Players! So if you find something that is not listed yet, report it in DOFFCALLS, or register as Editor and add it yourself ).
- It has Timers for "Duration" AND "Cooldown" for every more or less important Assignment and DOff Chain [which i can almost all update in the Background on my end so you do not need to bother with any of the techy detail stuff
and you do not need to update your DOffTrekker for every single number change i make, it just imports all that data directly from the Editor Sheet]
- There is a Custom Dropdown Menu section, which has all kinds of assignments you might want to Track, if any new Assignments are added to the Game you will find them there, or if you want to track something specific that is not yet listed then you just tell me the details of that assignment and i will add it to the Dropdown and everybody else can use it too.

FYI: i add mostly stuff that Players request of me. So there might be a few odd things in there that seem useless or are just on FED but not KDF side etc. if you are missing anything that you want to use, just tell me i'll add it.

But "DOffTrekker" is not all of it, there is more:

The "Editor Sheet" ( http://bit.ly/DOFFSEDIT registration required ), with currently 228 registered Editors (it was 500+ before i cleaned up all the inactive users).

8 "Mirrors" a.k.a. "Viewscreens" where you can look at a "view only" copy of the Editor Sheet http://bit.ly/DOFFS1 - http://bit.ly/DOFFS8

there are also different visual options like FED or KDF only Viewscreens,
a DOff Checklist, you want to collect ALL those Purple DOffs, right?
a "Glossary" for all the abbreviations used in the channels and on the Sheet (like BU = Beta Ursae ... stuff like that)

so there is a lot of stuff to explore

http://bit.ly/DOFFS (this is the main link, i suggest you bookmark this one, the other links might change from time to time)


Current Status of the Project:

I have been working on bit.ly/DOFFS for over a year now, it was a fun ride, a lot of nights spend coding and testing stuff.
I consider the Project pretty much complete at this point.

Well, as far as you can ever call a piece of Software "complete".
For all i know Cryptic can come in next Season with a huge Duty Officer System Update that will throw everything into Overdrive again.
But for the Moment it is rather quiet around the DOff System, so i don't expect to have to make any huge updates anytime soon, it is 100% bug free as far as i can tell and we got more functionality in this thing than i thought was technically possible with Googledocs.
I have no ideas anymore how to make this thing any better (technically).

I am still maintaining the Docs of course, make sure that the Timers are working correct (you have no idea how Timezones and Daylight Savings stuff can screw around with a doc that is all about Timers!).
I also have to manually allow every single Editor registration (by hand) and on occasion i add a new Timer to the Custom Dropdown Menu ...or fix a few Cells that someone has broken by mistake.
But that is all just the daily 5 minute maintenance stuff really.

What this means for you is that the current DOffTrekker 3.11 is probably pretty much it.
If you make your copy now you can be 99,47% sure that you will not need to make a new copy of a version 3.12 in another week or so. (of course now that i've said it that may change... like it always does... *hides*)

All in all it runs pretty much perfect on its own now and *we all together* have added more functionality to this thing than i thought was technically possible, seriously, i stopped calling things impossible, every time i said it and was 100% sure this GoogleDoc stuff could NEVER do this or that function, one of you guys came out of hiding and showed me that it was indeed possible.
And now DOffTrekker just does that impossible Stuff too...

ok enough rambling from me, this should do as a first introduction, now get in there!

Have Fun & may the crit chance be with you.


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# 2
11-13-2013, 06:06 AM
*reserved for later*
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# 3
11-14-2013, 11:37 AM
To zerobang - kudos for the good job

zerobang writes about it in the original message, but somewhat indirectly, so - as one of the top editors of the Sheet - let me emphasize something, which often comes up and which I need to explain to people in the game every couple of days:

There are three classes of assignments:

- sector assignments. These are specific to a given sector, they reset every 4 hours (at midnight GMT, and then on the 4-hour cycle), and you can see in-game how much into the cycle you are by looking at the assignment tab (where it says in the left-hand lower corner "sector update"). That's what is reported in the Sheet and that's what the calls should mainly be made about.

- personal assignments. These are specific to your character, they are on a 1 hour timer, which initializes when you log into the game and click the assignment tabs. You can see how much into the cycle you are and when to expect the reset by looking at the assignment tab - where it says in the left-hand lower corner "shipboard update. Some of these will still only appear in specific sectors of the galaxy map. Since these are specific to a player, there is no point in reporting them: you are the only one who can see them and who can use them.

- department head assignments. These can be accessed by going to the department head tab or by talking to a department head on your ship bridge. They vary from sector to sector and reset every 20 hours, at the same time for everybody. The reset timer is tracked by the Sheet, but it can't be seen directly anywhere in the game. These assignments are specific to your account - other people checking their own department heads will see different assignments. These are assignments that zerobang means when he talks about bridge invites: you can invite other people to your bridge, so that they can use your department heads and assignments they offer. Unless you intend to stay in a given sector and invite people to your bridge, please do not report these assignments. That's something I really can't stress enough. Other people won't be able to see them on their department heads. If you do intend to invite people, please make it clear that these are department head assignments, so that we don't put them in the Sheet.
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# 4
11-23-2013, 05:26 PM
right, thanks for pointing that out
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# 5
11-26-2013, 04:16 PM
I dunno what I'm doing wrong, but I'm having all sorts of problems following the setup instructions. I make a copy it ends up in my Google Drive. I'm able to go in and change the timezone of the spreadsheet. If I open the script editor it says no scripts, and no available documents. There is no DOffTrekker button at all.

What am I doing wrong?
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# 6
11-30-2013, 11:10 AM
Firstly I'd like to say a huge thank you for this project! It's been making my doffing a lot easier to track across multiple characters and the functionality you've put into it is truly impressive to say the least!

Having said that I have a made a few tweaks of my own like customizing the interface a little more to my liking - please rest assured its no reflection on how you did it whatsoever I'm talking mostly things like conditional formatting of custom tracked missions, some cosmetic changes to my summary page etc.

I've also modified my summary page to auto populate all my custom tracked missions - I noticed by default these all had to be manually entered.

I also have a suggestion possibly for improving the functionality of the trekker overall (unless it's something you've already implemented and is just not working on my side), if there is functionality like this already in place, please let me know

I noticed each character sheet has its own Colony / Refugee / Prisoner count, but they only seem to be manual entries. I'd love to see these values linked into all the colonization / settle colonists / pick up refugee and prisoner missions, to auto update these values upon completion of a relevant mission. I think it would be very useful if these counts were dynamically updated whenever relevant missions were completed. I'm currently dabbling on the back-end side of the tracker to see if this can be done - if I have any success with it I'll be sure to let you know *edit*: not sure how far I'll get as I'm haven't looked too deeply into the scripts yet, and not sure how much of the functionality is localised and how much of it is 'master file' based.

Again, big kudos to you zerobang for this incredibly useful tool you created!



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# 7
12-08-2013, 07:51 AM

that sounds like the scripts were not copied when you made your copy... that should not happen but google messes up sometimes when the serverload is high.
nothing i can do about that but to tell you to try again...

when you go into the script editor you should get something like this:


if that thing is empty, then the DOffTrekker button can not appear, that stuff is all in the scripts...

if you still can't get it to run send me your googleaccount name to z3r0b4ng@googlemail.com and share your copy with me so i can take a look what went wrong.



glad you like it

it's fine to modify it to your liking, it is just a template and if you know what you are doing you can do anything you like with your copy (just be aware IF there is a huge update some day, you might need to start all over again or skip on the updates...),
my own private version looks a bit different than the template too.

about that colonists / refugees thing... i had 10 characters and it was a nightmare to keep track of how many colonists i had on what char and if i was able to do the next few steps in the colonial chains etc. then send one Char to the Exchange and buy refugees, then mailing them to myself and have them ready to go when they are needed. (that also was before those stupid mail limitations that came with LoR)...

i guess it would be possible in theory to subtract colonists or refugees with the clean up script...
but adding is impossible, since most assignments have more or less random outcomes.
I don't know how useful that would be and by now most players have completed the Colonial Chains anyway and are just hunting Supports... i even got requests to remove the complete box.
in fact on my copy i already removed that cellblock, i just leave it in the template because new players still might find it useful to know how many colonists they still need.

But if you can make it work like you want, feel free to share the doc with me and i'll take a look at what you got and if i can use it for the template.


@ all:

i got myself a Nexus 7 2013 Android Tablet for xmas ;P
i'm not making any promises and no ETA on anything, but...


it already looks like this could actually work... if i can make a few tweaks to make the DOffTrekker buttons work...
(there is no Timestamp button in that google docs app, because it has a dumbed down menu and in browsers the on screen keyboard pops up all the time, which is just annoying.)

soo... when i got time... and when i'm bored enough... and IF it works like i hope i might just get this thing android app compatible -> no promises
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# 8
12-19-2013, 04:11 AM
tiny update:

DOffTrekker 3.11b
- game patch notes say: "The Duty Officer Roster Slots cap has been increased from 400 to 500 slots." (why not 1000 Cryptic?)
...updated that cell
- added some conditional formatting to Officer Exchanges so that they black out, because people keep posting dashes on the Editor Sheet
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# 9
01-01-2014, 05:38 AM
Originally Posted by zerobang View Post
@ all:

i got myself a Nexus 7 2013 Android Tablet for xmas ;P
i'm not making any promises and no ETA on anything, but...


it already looks like this could actually work... if i can make a few tweaks to make the DOffTrekker buttons work...
(there is no Timestamp button in that google docs app, because it has a dumbed down menu and in browsers the on screen keyboard pops up all the time, which is just annoying.)

soo... when i got time... and when i'm bored enough... and IF it works like i hope i might just get this thing android app compatible -> no promises
That would be Fan-Tab-U-Lus Thanks again for all the work you have done on this. I recommend it often, and am sooo glad to have the resource. The amount of paper and lame spreadsheet attempts I had in the beginning was mind boggling.

A very minor bug note - keep meaning to mention it in the editor's note. The KDF mission "Suppress Gorn Uprising" gives an error when you do the timestamp. The "complete" countdown cell gives a 'value' error - hovering over the cell, the message is: "error: Not a number: 12:00.00"

It's done that ever since the 3.1 update, and I did the hotfix script change myself for the named ranges. Don't think it has anything to do with that. It's obviously not a huge issue,just some day if you're bored take a look and see if you can replicate it. Otherwise I might have something particular to my sheet.

Thanks again - you rock!
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# 10 Pineapple
01-10-2014, 02:31 PM
I had to make a new copy of the document and no matter how many times I refreshed the window it never changed. I tried starting from different view screens still just got pineapple. I checked with the chat channel then just to make sure and someone checked and said no pineapple here. Not sure what else to do.

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