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01-30-2010, 04:03 PM
1.more server downtime than in ob ...why more now than OB? its the same player bace. and how about a 5 min notice before dropping everyone, not too much to ask for some manners shown to your loyal cash cows...i mean supporters/players.

2.broken quests in starter areas ...theyve been played to death by cb,ob and now in HS wtf do your techs spend thier time on? boffs missing, bugged mission goals ,skill up errors..all basic mechanics that are used many many times in the first few hours/days of a new players why in live play are THEY STILL FKED UP? cos all the main dev team have had thier bonuses and have bailed ? and the the 3 man support dev team cant cope?. i dunno but it sure looks like it.

3.difficuty level....its bounced arround so many times now its like a chinese pong-pong master class.
make the call and stick to it ffs. too easy now imo.

4. crafting ...what crafting . 0 dev time used.

5.Klingon gameplay joke?. although its actually quite fun ,for a while.. pvping in a zerg 90% of the time and never ending grinding of one pve area is not. tho playing the battleground for the borg nodes (still broken too) gives klinks the one and only chance for some kind of ganking/open pvp style play against feds.or vice versa. etc etc etc etc more content inc..etc etc etc .

6. grouping far as ive experianced grouping anywhere except fleet actions actually punishes players rather than helps them (so far) , none of the missions encourtages it (pugs) cryptic have relied on on auto grouping to force it, and NONE ofthe normal benifits of grouping (other than chatting with friends ) are in exsistance in the game mechanics anyway ( support play ? lol) having a cruiser be the closest player to the targets isnt gameplay its shallow and uninteresting auto play.

7. underdeveloped UI play mechanics.. sluggish command use , auto fire limmitations (no RP value just a glitch that devs couldnt be bothered to fix), Under developed skill trees ( wtf does skill x do and what skills do i need to train to get it?

8. bugs bugs bugs its like a biblical talking about the ones that have been complained about since CB and are still there interfering with general gameplay. not glitches that pop up now and then (like the spawning as ship/toon in wrong areas) but game mechanic ones that should have been recognised as priority fix's for live play eg: dissapearing skills ,quest compleation failures .read the forum headlines and they repeated over and over.

9:uninspired play.. where the RP element of many of the quest text is quite good (grats to quest writers) thier implemetation is dire...... fly round planet ,scan orbiting objects ,kill ships near them...rince repeat,sometimes just fly round planet and dont kill anything,maybe beam down and grind through square rooms and passages to click on object or chat to npc and the very best of them all is beam down and scan something then spend 5 mins looking for 4 more to scan and beam random critters to fight..6th rate BS quests that make the "kill 20 rats" wow ones look like greek epics. maybe just maybe if i was an RP'er i might be able to squeese a ballhair of extra value out of them.but im fail. on a positive note ,the story driven content IS GOOD!!! the quests are well written and i feel like theres a goal to them not just a grind but there just isnt enough of them. game as well as real world. wtf use is it to a player to grind pvp, exploration or whatever else if the tokens im grinding are obsolete by the time i have enough of them to be of any use.ofc endgame ones will be usefull but that still dont make any sence to have so many different systems ingame..sure it cut the value of anything a goldseller can sell but id rather just close the chat window to avoid thier spam than keep the current cash systems we got atm.
Its unpleasantly blatant that the main drive of the product it to fleese cash from folks..i know that the game is made to make people money and its a buisness venture but just about every other mmo thats hit live status has kept the buisness side and the "play cos its fun" bit seperate from the costomers psyche. im finding that alot of the money spinning ideas cryptic have are quite overt and its putting people off when its so obviouse ie: lifetime subs b4 cutoff date (worried games gonna bomb)..pre order madness to get multi-preorder bonuses (incase the game bombs) ..cutting game dev time short to get a production bonus (fk the paying public,just give us your fking money so i can retire). micro transactions.(lets make em pay extra for the little tiny things that make an mmo that little bit better than the last ) paying to rename a boff after the first time lol wtf its not buisness modelling its fking greed.

theres more i could add but me fingers hurt cos of the lack of autofire and pressing "f" . im playing for now in the hope the gameplay improves and cos theres fk all else worth playin atm for me cept maybe ME2 and predvaliens next month. so if you agree with some of my moaning add to it please. maybe ..just maybe if we keep saying the same things over and over and over someone might get a boot up the azz and fix some of these points.

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