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I've only just started playing STO, got the pre-ordered version because I was waiting for it to come out for a while. I played a bit on beta, but ended up deciding I didnt want to play with bugs, as that would ruin the experience.

So, I log on, make my character play a bit of the tutorial, then BAM! Server crashes. Ok, fine so I wait a bit...wait some more...then decide to leave it and come back later.

Log back in, and im happy to find its back on. Only my ship is stuck in an area which I cant go past, so I make a ticket. After some waiting I decide to re-make my character, its quicker. Play through the tutorial again, then BAM! Get booted out. And have to wait ages for the character list to be received.

So far, it really seems this whole One server idea (which I assume would be causing a lot of the lag and connection problems) was a big mistake.

If you think otherwise, thats fine. But if the server is having problems now, I hate to think what will happen when it goes officially live.

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