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# 1 Input on Science Officer Build
01-30-2010, 05:06 PM
This is a redo for me as a “leaning” towards a hopeful pve and pvp science officer with throw-away points to pick up ground stuff. Again, I know nothing, but wanted to throw this together for feedback from others that might be a bit more astute.

I noticed while using the builder that there are several holes in things like starship weapons and engine efficiency b/c I didn’t have powers/skills that seemed to require them; and I haven’t read that there is a minor buff to, as an example, take them to provide any ancillary weapons strength. I did pump auxiliary efficiency to rank 9 on the off chance I wanted to take emergency to auxiliary III.

Tier 5 Deep Space Science Vessel

Tactician 1:
Ensign: Beam: Overload I
Lt.: Torpedo High Yield II

Engineer 1:
Ensign: Emergency Power to Shields I
Lt.: Reverse Shield Polarity I

Engineer 2:
Ensign: Engineering Team I

Science 1:
Ensign: Medical Team I
Lt.: Hazard Emitters II
Lt.Com.: Viral Matrix I
Com.: Gravity Well II

Science 2:
Ensign: Polarize Hull I
Lt.: Feedback Pulse I
Lt.Com.: Energy Siphon II

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