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# 1 Bob's Big Giant UI QoL Thread
01-09-2015, 06:53 PM
The UI needs a lot of QoL love. My biggest irritant with STO (bugs aside, although several are listed below) has always been with the UI and with general QoL issues caused by unnecessary clicking and arbitrary design choices.

This list could proooooobably use some formatting but after writing the whole thing down I'm too tired to do so. I'll get back to formatting later.

I also probably missed some things I'll edit in later.
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>Bob's Big Giant UI QoL Thread<
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# 2
01-10-2015, 03:11 PM
Add this aswell....

About seperating mats from items in the sell windows
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# 3
01-10-2015, 04:02 PM
On the topic of the exchange, a few things.

Sorting by rarity still does not work. For instance, selecting VR only will show only VR items, but not ALL matching VR items. Tested with multiple items.

Second, Price per unit Ascending and Descending sort options have their effects reversed.

As to the other UI elements, all the suggestions look good. I would only add that it would be nice for certain windows not to drop framerates into the single digits.

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# 5
01-20-2015, 11:03 PM
Damage/injury repair should have either a HUD control that links directly to it, or at least the ability to keybind directly to it. As it is, it takes 2-3 clicks to get to the repair window and another 2-3 clicks to clear all the windows you opened in the first 2-3 clicks - a big time-waster when you die in the middle of an STF and need to repair quickly before respawning.
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# 6
01-21-2015, 08:13 AM
I know this thread is about the QoL improvements for the GUI, not bugs. But anyone that hits the forum of graphical issues will see several threads complaining that the GUI is a fps eater. Its an old bug (like, really, really, really old), affects all cryptic games and severely impacts performance, heavily impacting the gameplay experience. So, I think it affects our QoL (and players of other games) and worth to mention here.

An example of what I'm talking about: I'm in a i5 notebook, with 8GB RAM, Win 8 and Geforce 660M with 2GB of vRAM. Set the two sliders at graphics configurations to minimum and go to Starfleet Academy. With /showfps 1, I register ~20fps (this is in the limiar of when the humans start to be able to discern individual frames, so the game is visibly laggy). Now, I turn off the UI with Alt+F12 or simplying by bringing the main menu with ESC. The fps jumps to ~55-60 . The same procedure with settings near max makes fps go from ~17fps to ~30fps. Bringing more UI elements, as the inventory, rep screen or doff makes the problem worst. This is also measurable using /fpsgraph 1
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# 7
01-21-2015, 08:30 AM
I am +1'ing this topic in its entirety.
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# 8
01-21-2015, 06:13 PM
The biggest thing they could do to improve QoL is to fix the bugs.

Here are some old ones:

Camera zoom keeps resetting every map change.
Camera distance resets on map changes
EPTX (ept-s, ept-w mostly) have longer Cooldown than it should be *see post #5*

There are many other UI bugs that are quite old. Did you know that many text boxes don't update properly unless you click on a blank spot in the window? For example, try editing "Max physics debris objects" in the "Graphics" tab or the withdrawal limits in the fleet bank.

And for the life of me, I can't figure out what's up with the messages of the day in the fleet window. There are two tabs where you can edit the main MotD: the "Overview" tab and the "News" tab. I think one of them takes precedence over the other, but I don't remember which. One of them also seems to automatically capitalize certain words. Each fleet holding has its own MotD, and those also behave strangely. Editing one MotD sometimes makes it appear as though all the others have changed. I'm not sure whether this is a display bug, because sometimes changing maps fixes the problem.
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# 9
02-01-2015, 11:47 PM
I do not know if anyone has wrote about this: the HUD drastically reduce the FPS... Try to deactivate it and look at the great improvement you gain. Unfortunately, several HUD's windows are to much usefull (or simpli necessary) and it's hard to deativate them.

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# 10
02-09-2015, 06:53 AM
The Exchange has always been unreliable. And it's just amazing how the tray fails, the core gameplay UI element.
  • Exchange filters: selecting to sort by "Price per unit, ascending order" will actually sort by price per unit in descending order, and vice versa.
  • Exchange search functionality: Placeholder functionality would be helpful; also important in this regard: the order of [suffixes] is currently not following a clear rule (i.e. "alphabetically"), especially with deflectors and warp cores. UI consistency is required at all times.
  • Exchange filters: Instead of placeholder searches, additional subcategories (i.e. "Pistols", "Dual", "Antiproton", etc.) could be used.
  • Tray, ground: Position of certain powers is not remembered reliably, and resets unpredictably on map transition. This is at least true for set bonus powers, such as the Omega remodulator and distortion field. (My remodulator is on "4", my distortion field on "a3". They will switch their positions often and unpredictably after map load.) These powers must remember their position reliably.
  • Tray, ground: Reequipping items with associated powers (omega set, tribble, ...) will also reslot the associated power to the tray at the last spot they were slotted to, but only if no other power occupied that slot in the meantime. This is undesired behavior. Powers must remember their position reliably, even after other powers occupy the resp. slot.
  • Tray, ground: Equiping a new device will add it's associated power to the tray at any (unpredictable) available spot, and _additionally_ will make the power available in the resp. device slot (green border). If an item's power is already available on the tray by device slot, no second power button is needed.
  • Tray, ground: Using up one stack of hypos, thereby emptying the device slot, will unslot that device slot from the tray. Equipping a new stack of hypos (or different hypos) may or may not make it reappear, and it may or may not be in the same position. Device slots must remember their position reliably, even if they are currently empty.
  • Tray: Since Anniversary patch, some UI power graphics are no longer aligned and are bigger (or smaller) than what they should be. (Example: The weapon power graphic on the tray is larger than the auto fire box around it.)
  • Tray: Powers are unpredictably grayed out and/or have a yellow box around them for no reason after map load. They function normally, however, and will reset to default behavior after being used once. Powers should only be grayed out if they are unavailable. I don't even know what the yellow box means.
  • Character sheet: All data regarding space must be available on ground maps and vice versa, exactly as they would appear in the resp. location. This includes item and power tooltips.
  • Reputation: Researching any set bonus must be possible by looking at the tooltip or otherwise interact with the rep project that's offering the item.
  • UI: When interacting with any chat window during map transition, the chat windows and certain other UI elements change or reset their positions (sometimes). This can be remedied by pressing ESC to bring up the game menu, Rearrange HUD, and ESC.

There is so much more! I am trying to remember all the annoyances.

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