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every time I try to join Crystalline Catastrophe Elite since yesterday's patch (three attempts now) it crashes right as I enter the map. this has only gotten worse since this morning's patch. I decided to try my luck and at the map once again, thinking that the newest patch might have fixed it. once again it crashed, but this time when I tried to log back into the game it sent me back into that crystalline map... which of course crashed again. I now effectively have no access to that character anymore.

additionally, for some reason yesterday I could only stay in the ground arena of Nukara Prime for about 20 minutes before it crashes on me. this is thankfully enough to get a couple of objectives finished, but both of these are making earning Nukara marks rather difficult. I have not attempted Nukara Prime today, and apparently won't get a chance to either, since I can't successfully log into my character.

[EDIT] I accidentally posted this in the foundry bugs section. could this please be moved to in-game bugs?

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