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# 1 Always look on the bright side
01-30-2010, 05:15 PM

Because of the downtime during head start I have...
  • Rekindled my love of Torchlight, a kickass game by the makers of Diablo (practically D2.5)
  • Watched old episodes of Strangers with Candy, South Park, SNL, ST: TNG and Futurama. Spent sometime missing Conan
  • Clicked every link on the Digg front page at least three times. I saw a big boat crash, that was fun. This one is good too:
  • Played a demo of Fat Princess on my PS3, it's ridicously fun
  • Played God of War 3 demo from my District 9 Blu-ray, my thumbs hurt.
  • Eaten a pizza
  • Gone to the DMV and registered my car and got my plates renewed
  • Done the laundry
  • Smacked my forehead on my desk for a while

What have you done?

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