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Setting the stage:
In the middle of a room on the 5th floor of cryptic HQ lies a large rectangular table, flanked by developers and corporate types. At one end there is a man working a projector.

Ok guys today we are going to go over some of the issues we haven't figured out yet for season 8. Issue one (1st slide appears), Proton weapons, what will they look like?

After a minute of blank stares a man says:

"What if we just take antiproton weapons and put some stupid pattern like a ladder or something in it so people know its different, those dummies wont care."

His response is met by laughter and high fives all around the room. The presenter sees this issue resolved and brings up the next slide which simply reads " KDF/PVP ".
The room instantly changes from one of laughter to one of anger. Middle fingers and water glasses being to fly through the air towards the screen. One man in his anger screams as he hurls his chair through the window then leaps after it. Another, blinded with rage, brandishes a gun and attempts to take aim at the screen, a fellow developer grabs his hand as they battle for control of the weapon.
Finally, the presenter regains consciousness after being hit with a stray briefcase and changes the slide.
The room begins to silence but is interrupted by one developer who says:

"We should tell them that there is a 5 fore wpn kdf ship about to come out......."

After a few seconds of silence an evil villain laugh begins to cascade from one person to the next until it fills the room.

All in good fun!

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11-15-2013, 02:47 AM
LOL you should do a foundry mission!

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11-15-2013, 04:03 AM
That was actually quite entertaining, if excessive. Throw us a bone devs, like an official announcement of a new KDF ship. Who knows, I might go on an impulsive spending spree with this extra zen promotion going on.

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