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01-30-2010, 07:39 PM
Originally Posted by CaptGomez View Post
lifetime subscription does preorder key expire

Ahoy! permission to come aboard Captain:

any one from cryptic or Atari out there?

Hi all, would anyone know if the lifetime sub option remains available after launch, as long as you have a preorder key, in other words if I where to buy more then one CE game in preorder status and use one to purchase lifetime sub but save the other, could I later after launch setup the other account and use the preorder key to buy another lifetime sub, since the the life sub option is based on preorder purchase and preorder key.?

I would like to buy several copys of CE as well as several DDE for my son and I but can only afford one life sub at this time.
Buy the Lifetime Sub on the 1st of Feb or before and you get the special sub bonuses and the $240 fee buy on the 2nd of Feb or afterwards and its $299 and no bonuses.

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01-30-2010, 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by JansanRuno
It says it in the fine print on the subscription sign up page. "while supplies last"
that is for the special deal, not for the after launch deal. We will have to wait and see if that line is still in there when the $300 deal comes out
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Originally Posted by Kardall View Post
I'm going to say this:

1) If you pay for a lifetime sub before the time is over, then well there ya go

2) If you buy 10 copies of the pre-order, and 1 of them is a lifetime sub. Then on say Feb. 10th, 2010 when the game has started, you cannot convert one to a Lifetime Sub for the extra slots/etc. That would just be wrong.

That would mean that I could buy the game, get a pre-order key, then in like 6 months, login with the key to get all the stuff I should have only been able to get when I started playing before it went 'live'. Not really fair to the others. So I'm going to have to say no. But who knows, maybe they want to allow it.
sorry for all the questions but I dont have much time left

Ok well if u buy 10 copies none of them is a lifetime sub, if u wanted to u could make all of them lifetime though.
and i don't see how it is unfair to buy a preorder and get a "preorder bonus" just because you dont login and play the game, the bonuses are dependent on preorder not, loging in and playing, ("I should have only been able to get when I started playing before it went 'live") preorder is the prerequisite to receiving the bonus options, one of which is option to lifetime sub. ie: who would it be unfair to, ppl who buy the game after the launch? they are not entitled to prorder bonuses hence the term preorder bonus

Also what if the server is down and I cant access the lifetime option, as it is right now and we all know this will occur frequently for weeks to come due to unexpected response of the trek community. I am ready to buy and download DDE right now but the server is down so I can't check the game out before investing all that money.

any way I was just talking about a week or so to use the the second game w/preorder code and buy another life sub. do any of you know for sure they will deny preorder customers a life sub after 2/2/10 ? I have not been able to find any thing specific to this question. and will the DDE ver. be discontinued according to Cryptic or Atari ?

Thanks guys for your responses

your help is appreciated
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01-30-2010, 09:05 PM
This is a very simple question to answer:

The Lifetime Sub membership preorder sale price ends at midnight PST on Feb 1. Preorder keys, codes and specials at this point will not matter, the price of $239 and the bonus items of borg captain and extra slots are part of this deal. In order to take advantage of this you need to have an account with a retail preorder key already attached to it.

On Feb 2, if you want a lifetime subscription, it will be $299 and you receive no bonus items or slots.

You can buy 100 copies of the game and only attach one lifetime to one account, or just one copy, it's all moot. All those other preorders you bought will cost you $299 to get lifetime subs after Feb 1.

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