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03-27-2010, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by Anuhart
Ok, so you still haven't fixed these fall through the ground and no enemies in space explores but can you please, please, explain why they are still in the game.

Is it difficult to remove broken explores from the list of possible ones you might get?

It is the same ones over and over and they have been reported over and over on here and in game?

A response on this is greatly needed in keeping up with the 'transparency' and 'we are trying' policies.
cryptic doesnt fix bugs they make more. Weapon miss fires still happen
enemies still doing insanely critical hits sometimes theirs so many bugs they are just ignoring oh my favorite bug still around the get hit by a high yield plasma 2 times becasue the server lags out and cant remember if it hit you or not yeah fun.

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