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# 1 60,700 skill points
01-30-2010, 07:26 PM
I have constructive criticism about A) the game and B) Public relations

A) This is yet another comment that the skill cap of 60,700 is too low. As in the whole 1.7 admiral skills thing.

B) I am very disappointed that Cryptic has not made any type of statement about the skill cap. The "the skill cap is there, deal with it" is an unacceptable response.

If I am missing a Dev post about the plan for the skill tree, I am sorry I missed it.

Honestly, I want to be excited about this game. I want to be excited about leveling, but if my character is only able to pilot one of the SIX tier 5 ships effectively, I'm having a very hard time seeing my motivation.

I, like many others who have posted on this topic, do not care that there is a skill cap, as long as SOMETHING gets changed.

Again, 1.7 admiral skills. That is something else, something I don't see wanting to work for. I love the voyage, but I don't want the voyage to be the only part of the game.

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