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# 1 Fun Del Taco Code Giveaway
01-30-2010, 09:17 PM
((Had to repost this as it got swept into the locked archives right before Head Start went live! As a result of the forum downtime and reset I've decided to extend my little contest another day. Read below for full details!))

Hello, everyone! I'm sure we're all eagerly counting down the hours until STO officially launches and just can't wait to plop our collective butts into our command chairs. For those of us fortunate enough to be in the western US we've been able to acquire the now infamous Del Taco codes that not only provide you with a few free days of play (if you're still holding out) but also give you an awesome exclusive shuttlecraft!

I would like to give away a code this weekend but I want to make sure it goes to someone who really wants it and just can't get it do to a lack of Del in their quadrant. I'm also a big fan of roleplaying (especially in MMOs) and the Star Trek storytelling tradition.

With these qualifiers combined I bring you my Fun Del Taco Code Giveaway (pending trademark)

In this thread I want you to post a brief bit of lore about your Star Trek Online character. It can be Federation or Empire and does not need to be a particular length. It can be short and eloquent or an epic. Just keep in mind that if it is a novella I may not be able to read the entire thing. Bring to life your captain's appearance, maybe some history, a little personality, you can even describe your crew and ship if you like. My favorite submission will recieve one Del Taco promotional code. Pictures are not necessary but if you have a beautiful piece of accompanying art it couldnt hurt!

This little contest ends on Monday, February 1st at 11:59 pm after which time no further entries will be recognized. The entries will then be reviewed and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter.

Once again I'd like to stress that this is primarily for those who simply cannot get to a Del Taco to enjoy this promotion so if you have one in your town and/or are simply looking to sell it please do not enter.

Good luck everyone. See you planet-side.
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When the forums got reset I had one contestant already, one Zhim, who posted a lovely story about his Borg officer. Below is his entry, reposted for him in the new, live, thread.

As posted originally by Zhim:

My character is an ex-borg brought back to the federation's side after years of faithful service to the assimilators. His name is Que-Gor, and he is the son of a famous starfleet officer that briefly served on the Enterprise-D before being himself assimilated during the "First Contact" saga. Que-Gor is human, but his father named him after a group of Klingon warriors, whom he greatly admired for their perserverance. Que-Gor is the only survivor of his family, and to set right the wrongings of his past, and save his family name, he joined starfleet as an engineer. Que-Gor is slowy rising through the ranks in the starship U.S.S Leviathan in the massive fleets of the federation.

I am in desperate need of a code, because there are no Del-Tacos near Maine, my home state. Thanks for giving us the chance to win one. I appreciate the time. (Sucking up work?)

There's still a few days left, all. Get those entries in! I want to see your creativity
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# 3
02-01-2010, 01:28 PM
Dr. Tuaren

Specialist in the fields of Exobiology and Botany.

Tuaren is a rather eccentric man - some have gone as far as to call him crazy. He is considered to be an expert in the fields of Exobiology and Botany. for a period of thirty years, Tuaren was the comanding officer of a small research facility, Springbok-1, near the planet Risa - indeed, he still is. However, the Doctor has taken Springbok-1's resident Nova class vessel - the USS Proteus - out of it's rusting drydock to aid in the studying of planets in deep space.

Despising the ranks of Starfleet, Tuaren prefers to be called 'Doctor' instead of 'Captain' by his crew. He also has a certain obsession with the history of the 23rd century; so, Tuaren wears the uniform worn by Captain James T.Kirk and his crew - albiet a green version of it, to dictate his specialities of Exobiology and Botany.

(Hope it was okay!)
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# 4 Samuel (Sam) Parker
02-01-2010, 10:09 PM
As a young boy, Samuel, Sam, Parker was adventurous. He would often wander off when his family would camp in the mountains. Without the subdermal implant, his parents insisted upon, he would have been ‘lost’ many times. Once, at age six, his parents ‘allowed’ him to get lost for two days. When they went to gather him they found him under a well constructed chickee sitting next to a fire. He was cooking what appeared to be a rabbit. His father was so stunned all he could ask his son was why he made a structure without walls in the mountains. Sam simply said, “So you could see me when I went to sleep – the fire keeps me warm.”

Excelling in the sciences at the Academy, Sam had a relatively easy first three years. While on examination training run during his senior year, the Borg made a surprise visit to the sector and assimilated the cadets studying on the planet. The Borg were quickly overwhelmed by a fleet of ships that were in the sector conducting surveys in an anomaly that hid their ships. All of the Borg, save five of the newly assimilated cadets, were instantly killed. These cadets were spared the ship’s destruction because they were surveying the landing craft. Four of the five left were killed moments later when they were removed from the Collective. Sam is thought to have survived ‘removal’ from the Collective due to the implants he had never removed from childhood.

The Academy quickly tried to place Sam back into the curriculum. His academic skills improved dramatically due to Borg nanotechnology, however, he was unable to socially adapt. Counseling was tried but Sam fell into alcoholism to escape – he refused all help offered. The Commandant placed Sam on a extended ‘spiritual’ sabbatical in the hopes Sam would return.

Sam left and decided to live in the mountains to ‘find’ himself again. Over the course of eight months, he traversed the near 3500 kilometers of the Appalachian Trail in the continent of North America. Living off the land and providing for his own needs, he was able to reacquaint himself with his humanity and returned to the Academy. After extensive medical evaluations and a new senior year, Ensign Samuel (Sam) Parker emerged ready to explore.
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# 5 Contest is Over!
02-02-2010, 12:09 AM
Well, the time has elapsed and there's some bad news and some good news.

The bad news is that I didn't get quite as many entries as I hoped I would. I was worried I would only have my first poster given the forum reset in the midst of it, but at the last minute I got two more wonderful entries.

So in the end I had a trio of well crafted entries and, as I only recieved a few entries, I present the good news:

All three of my entrants will win a code!

So congratulations to Mystul, Zadama, and Zhim for their wonderful entries.

You will recieve your codes via forum PM within the next 24 hours!

Thank you very much for contributing and search for me in-game: Cryptic ID @Copperpaw

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