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# 1 2 quick things
01-30-2010, 11:32 PM
ok i figured out how the scanners are working but dont ya thing when u scan and area you know the location of it on your map after and secondly the universe is huge and i noticed that some misisons dont exactly tell u what secter u need to go too if your not a treky then u are often relying on then gamers out ther for help on where to go for instance i had to go to memory alfa to c someone there but i didnt put 2 and 2 together to figure out i gotta go to alfa centari to get there took me bout a hour of searching til i finally figured it out ty man or maybe well got some mission add on that will help direct us on where we sould be heading Like in wow ... but other than that the game is awsome im still learning alot on how it builds work i played city of heros for about 7 years and have to say this game for right before launch is great .. if your a sci fi geek like me youll fall in love with it ... but servers are down atm im gonna take a few hour nap and get back to it thanks alot guys for an awsome game i just hope that botter and farmers stay away from here for a long time ... night all

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