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# 1 Long Login line...
01-31-2010, 02:43 PM
They should switch over some of the COH/COV servers that are less populated or hardly ever populated to STO to solve the login queue.

some of those servers are hardly ever 1/4 full, and even the most popular servers during peak time rarely ever reach 90% capacity even at the peak of those games. Now with the drop in popularity there should be a couple of COH/COV servers that could be used for other things, like STO.

Who at Cryptic / Atari decided to go with less servers at launch instead of being overprepared for an influx of players on this scale?

Even just having some backup servers on deck just for situations like this would have been wise.

If this is not feasible, then maybe a mini game to pass the time while waiting for log in would be helpful.

The music isn't terrible, but after hearing the same tracks over and over while waiting is driving me crazy.

This situation must be solved, and soon...

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