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# 1 Voice Acting
11-17-2013, 06:07 AM
I apologize in advance for the mild rage.

Why on earth do you direct all your voice actors to talk as slowly as ****ing possible? It's like they're talking to intellectually challenged 4 year-olds. Even Michael Dorn and Denise Crosby seem to have been forced into this situation. Are you saying we can understand people on TV and in real life when people talk at a normal pace, but you don't trust your players' intelligence when it comes to comprehending BASIC ENGLISH LANGUAGE? It is tedious as **** because I want to hear Worf and get into the story and everything, but I'm left languishing in despair, staring at my computer screen waiting for him to finish one ******ned sentence.

I realize people are stupid. I realize you probably know that better than I do. You probably get idiotic complaints from people all the time saying something is "too hard to figure out" even though it's really easy. I get that. But please, for the love of everything Holy and unholy in this world, let people TALK NORMALLY. And while I"m at it, enough with the over dramatic bad guys. Have you ever once seen a Star Trek character talk like a bad cartoon villain? Ok, fine. You could probably find examples. But at least they ... didn't... pause...forever.... between....words. Come the hell on. This is just patronizing.

EDIT: Ok, I wrote this after I heard Michael Dorn say only his first line and got immediately pissed. He seems to have a better pace as it goes along, but is still obviously over-enunciating. Why why why why why? The words are right in front of us. Let him talk how he normally talks and if for some strange reason we can't understand him, THE WORDS ARE RIGHT THERE. ****. I'm tired of listening to people OBVIOUSLY PRETENDING TO SAY LINES. I mean, obviously they *are* pretending, but I'm not supposed to be thinking about a guy in a sound booth reading off a piece of paper. I have a hard time blaming any (ok maybe some) of the actors themselves since the performances are so consistent. There has to be bad direction involved.

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11-17-2013, 06:29 AM
Not everyone is a native English speaker. Not everyone uses an American dialect. Not everyone is you.
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11-17-2013, 10:57 AM
So, video games are the one thing that's exempt from the portrayal of the English language in media? It's made by an American company based on an American franchise. If people know Star Trek, it's because they probably saw it in English at some point. Even if they only ever watched dubbed shows, there should be a reasonable expectation to assume that consuming foreign media is going to present the normal challenge it always presents. I wouldn't want to hear some perfectly, slowly enunciated Spanish or Italian in my video games only to get looked at like an idiot when I spoke that way in real life. Besides, while they may be improving the quality of the experience for non-native English speakers, they're making it worse for people who have to sit through painfully slow dialogue. The "not everyone is you" argument is horse ****. I dare you to compare the pacing of this game's dialogue with anyone except someone with a slow southern drawl and a hangover and come up with results that aren't in my favor. I have no pride invested in this claim. It's simply objectively true by virtue of basic measurement of words over time.

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