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Come on. Servers down and our virtual world is on fire. Is no one working at Cryptic? You'd think a GM or support person would notice it's down and go, "hey, we should post a note so that everyone doesn't panic." They make the call to the server room guys and "DON'T POST! FOR THE LOVE OF ... DON'T POST! If we say something, it could start a riot, we could get in trouble, we could say something that might imply we are doing something we aren't doing! DON'T POST."

The support person says, "but the users are concerned, we should let them know that someone is on it. If I was in their shoes, I'd like to know something ... anything."

The person on the phone yells back, "DON'T POST! Don't give them anything they can use against us!"

Support person let's out a sigh, "okay." The phone goes silent, the forums burn......

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