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# 1 General gameplay feedback
01-31-2010, 03:59 PM
the limited time availble for gameplay due to "emergency downtime" is not acceptable.

Performance during the Beta was one thing - its a beta so we are there to help. this is supposed to be a reward for loya gamers who pre-order, not a further Beta.

It is absolutely ridiculous not to assume these people havent done the market research and can predict reasonably well expected numbers. Examples available from stats availble from other MMOs over the last few years. Its bad business not to research your market beforehand.

the queue system doesnt work properly either - you keep getting DC'ed before joining, relogging and going to the back of the queue again.

This s just out and out fail on the part of Cryptic.

You wanted my feedback - you got it.

Bloody shape up !!!!!!!

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