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# 1 Walking is too fast
01-31-2010, 12:00 AM
Greetings. Walking is too fast. That is, when you bind a key to "Walk" and hold it down while pressing a direction key, you move too quickly. This ends up making your feet slide along the floor in what's commonly referred to as "skating". You can also see numerous(but not all) NPCs doing this.

A more appropriate walking speed might be similar to that of "aim" mode. Whoever's in charge of player and NPC movement might want to look into this.

Edit: On second thought, it seems that Aim mode's speed might be a bit fast as well. Now that the game is back up, I can see this for myself now. So when reviewing Walk speed, please make it slower than Aim mode speed.
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# 2
01-31-2010, 01:56 PM
Actually, Walking speed is set to a Military pace (aka Walking with a Purpose) as all player characters are Federation Star Fleet or Klingon Defense Force currently (ie. Military) so I find it appropriate.

The aim mode is a Half-Crouched walk which is supposed to be roughly the same speed as 'walking with a purpose'. A full crouched walk would be slower than a typical civilian casual pace walk/stroll (quarter pace march - ie. heel to toe).

I find it quite nice to be able to walk around without taking forever to get around or having to run all the time.

Not saying I would deny you from being able to walk at your own desired pace. Given that Space is just a different costume and has a throttle for speed, I don't see why they wouldn't be able to have a setting to adjust the pace (walk,run,spring are basically just throttle presets with different animations).

Furthermore, for it appearing that the feet don't come off the ground that much is basically a naval/'sea legs' way of walking. On naval vessels (or anything thats not firm and immobile) a person typically doesn't want to take their feet off of the ground they're standing on too much in case of a sudden shifts, if they do and a shift occurs they typically end up on the floor or going over a railing. It applies even in space despite Zero Gravity and artificial gravity because systems fail and have limits and/or responsiveness, so there's always going to be slight shifting occuring on a vessel and the system could go down at any time. [edit] BTW the 'skating' like walk is called 'Shimmying', done when heavily burdened and walking either long distances or on unsteady ground.

Not saying Cryptic did it intentionally (they may have just messed up and did something right), just saying its appropriate to the context and setting IMO.

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