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Originally Posted by ufpterrell View Post
Actually, really like idea #2. Since it's called a cloaking "device" it makes sense for it to go there instead of using up a console slot. Tbh we need more devices to use on ships other than batteries and consumable fighters.
On that note, all ships that include 'universal' consoles that are not actually universal (as in they can only be used on a particular ship (I'm looking at Odyssey, BortasQu', Vesta, etc.)) should have separate 'unique' slots for those consoles.

Originally Posted by ufpterrell View Post
Oh... and:

#7 Constitution/Excalibur/Exeter and Constellation class at Tier5!
That's not actually a dead horse. That's just something waiting to happen as soon as Cryptic stops pretending that CBS cares whether or not we have it in STO.

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