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# 1 Collision detection anoyances!
01-31-2010, 05:12 AM
I like the fact that collision detection between characters/npc's and ships is in STO. Many other MMO's does not have it. However, there are some really onoying side effects bacause of it.

1. Patrols on stations have a nack of geting in the way on a regular basis, which gets anoying after awhile.
2. You regulary become traped around shops and crowds, even though the push away effect.
3. Ships crashing into asteroids and other ships take no damage. If i ram my ship into something, especially during a fight, i expect to recieve damage from it. Not like it is now, where you merly bump of the object, like a rubber ball.

There are more anoyances, but these are the most common ones. Maybe collision between Players and NPC's should be removed, to limit the anoyance level somewhat.

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