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# 1 Into the Eclipse
06-06-2014, 06:31 PM
Hello! I've recently made my second foundry mission. My first mission I made was primarily just to figure out how it works. I would greatly appreciate any feedback at all.

Handle: @baconator1981
Title: Into the Eclipse
Level: 16+
Playtime: Probably around 10-25 minutes

Brief Synopsis:

On April 23, 2415, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers created an artificial singularity using remnants of a dead star, in close proximity to a Federation starship that was emitting triolic wave patterns. The result created a bridge between The Milky Way Galaxy and the Triangulum Galaxy. Triangulum has previously been visited by one Federation starship - the Enterprise-D, under Captain Picard. Starfleet has ordered your ship to be the first Federation starship to explore this new galaxy. What will you discover? Who will you meet? Without a doubt, you and your crew will go down in history, rivaling Archer and Kirk.

Storyline: It's quite okay, actually. You need to read a little bit to understand the flow. Also, there is a pretty cool dialogue with an unknown alien from the Triangulum Galaxy. It would be talking in gibberish, but after a while, the universal translator kicks in.

Combat: Very easy. In fact, very very easy. I've set up some truly epic ground battles (all ship boardings), and only one space battle (with one very easy target)

Action: You will be tasked to disable forcefields, put out fires, move asteroids, the usual.

Bugs: It is extremely unlikely that a Phantasm would be able to cross a forcefield, thus creating a problem for the player. This can happen, sadly. Also, upon beaming into Admiral Robinson's ship, you will hear an explosion sound effect. Still trying to fix it

*There will be some custom made aliens, too.

*I honestly don't know too much about triolic wave patterns, dead stars, or artificial singularities. It just sounds cool

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