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11-26-2013, 07:25 PM
Originally Posted by venarra View Post
What cheat are you using that allows you to by-pass the 20-hour plus consumable purchase time. I was doing The Tholian path before Season 8 cut me off, I was not anywhere where you are at in the same time period. You have to be high school/college students to have this amount of free time, right? With the bleeding edge systems your mommy and daddy bought you, right? What cheat are you using?
Hello Venarra. The Nukara Strikeforce Rep is different than Dyson in that Nukara you can only earn 2,800xp per day running two 20hr Projects (one for 2k xp, the other for 800xp).

Dyson has two xp-earning projects, too. One takes 20hrs and rewards 2,500xp, but the other only takes 1hr and rewards 150xp. I've just been logging on hourly long enough to kick off the 1hr project. That takes about 30s to log in, kick-off, and log out. I get to do that 10+ times a day at 150xp per go, so that's over 1,500xp/day. I run the 20hr project about once a day (I think there's been a couple days I've been able to kick it off twice within a 24hr period).

Here's a screen shot of where I'm at now (~67k XP). You can see I'm minutes away from another 1hr project kick-off:

As for resources, I spend about 75mins a day after work running the "Dyson Dailies" (I do the Allied Zone daily, which takes about 15mins to run 3 submissions around the zone, I do a run in the Battlefront (which I think includes four missions that run at the same time), and I make a Elite Breach run. I've thrown in the occasional Storming the Spire (which I don't like and has substandard awards) and Elachi Alert to mix things up.

On the first day I ran the Deliver Reports of Joint Command Victories upgrade that costs 350x Marks but pays out 5x Dyson Joint Command Commendations. Turns out I've never needed those extra DJCC as I get plenty running my dailies. I've got 8 in surplus at the moment.

I've earned enough Marks to purchase the Dyson PSG and Rifle (1,200 Marks, combined), run the 350 Mark upgrade (mentioned above), all those 1hr Projects (20 Marks each), and I've still got ~900Marks built up as you can see in the above pix.

While I admit I have "no life" (not accurate, but yes I do spend "too much" time playing STO -- It's my only vice, lol), I'm not in school, I'm an adult. I have a full time job with flexible hours and enough pay to be comfortably self-sufficient. My parents do not support me. The computer I use is a PC I built myself nearly 4yrs ago. It was pretty advance at that time, though not "bleeding edge".

You can find/contact me in game as @PatricianVetinari. Original Join Date: Feb 2010.
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