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System is running current Win7 with all patches applied and video is an ATI 4670 with Catalyst 10.1. CPU is an AMD Athlon II X4 620, and I have 6 Gb RAM.

This mission fully locks up my computer every single time it starts. It fiorces a hard restart, and the last timr this happened the hard start reset my bios, causing me to be unable to boot my box til I figured out what had happened. My character's stuck in the middle of the battle in the instance so ths one's rendered the game unplayable with that character. I'd call this a show-stopper the dev team needs to look at in a hurry.

(Edit) Actually, this bug affects both Hide-n-Seek/Valorous Conduct and the mission to ptrol the Beylan sector. I went to Wolf 359 and Pico System without problems.


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