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I own two fleets one SF and one KDF.

I'm a lifer/causal/semi-regular player.

I inherited a dead KDF fleet (pre-base) and created a SF one (also pre-base) as places to store stuff. I solo opened up all the banks slots and would like to keep that storage.

I have come to the concussion that it is just too much for me to solo with only 3ish hour a day of playing (sometime more, depending on work and other things). Not to mention with the Rep grinds to work on as well .

I've read that some larger fleets look for tiny fleets like mine to help their members build fleet credit once all projects are done.

I was wonder if there are any fleets that are looking for a small fleet. PW keeps talking about something for small fleets, but my luck they won't do anything as long as I keep soloing.

My Starfleet Fleet (Earth Force)
Is T1 with 1.5/1.5/2 on starbase and little else other than blast doors

My KDF Fleet (Fleet of Shadows)
Is just about T1 with roughtly 1/1/1 and little else other than blast doors

So there is plenty of room to make credits. I don't want to be the only one putting in dithium.

I likely won't ask to use your stores or requisitions.

I would like to keep my bank to myself and I will not ask for donations other than fleet projects.

Would be nice if I would associate with a group that had both KDF and SF fleets so I have to remember fewer people.

If you are interested either respond here or message me ingame.

Thank You for Your Time.
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11-21-2013, 11:16 PM
If I understand it correctly, larger fleets create their own reserve fleets to stash their alts and help with Fleet Credits. So it might be difficult for you to get a fleet to help you. Also Fleet Marks are the main thing that seems to be filled up quickly in my fleet while it takes time to fill up dilithium and duty officers. So if you can get a fleet to help, then you will be stuck doing the other requirements and if you can't provide a continuous source for their fleet marks, then they might find another fleet.

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