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The backpedallling debuf on power output is a nice addition to keep the combat tactics under control but IMHO have still some "quirks" that can be polished.

The 10s delay feels adequate to not penalize players looking for those strategic moments to delay the approach of your foe while hammering it for full, or to surprise a close enemy with a sharp turn... And at the same time preventing the "cheesy" turtling tactics that increase the performance of theoretically "nimble" ships by neglecting what defines them.

Here are a couple of "perks":

Instant Cleaning: While affected by the debuff a brief stop followed by a backpedalling cleans completely the debuff and the power loss is recovered very fast (in less than 4 seconds). The debuff should linger the same 10 seconds without the ship backpedalling.

Easy Prevention: A simmilar approach can be use to prevent it to appear on the 1st place... By stoping briefly before the 10 seconds you never receive it. The appearance logic should require 10 continuous seconds WITHOUT backpedalling before "forgetting" the ammount of time spent backpedalling.

OFC, as part of the adaptation each signature period can be made different... Not all 10 seconds... But I think it makes sense starting with the same "low efficiency" periods.
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01-30-2010, 06:52 AM
Its a stupid thing in the first place since reverses main strategic use is to modify your turning circle, slower turning ships shouldn't be penalized just because they are trying to turn around in a tighter radius. Not to mention the fact that it makes no canonical sense at all, and its main purpose, which i assume has to do with escorts in pve having an easy time soloing a few things, doesnt even realy matter because escorts can achieve the same thing by being at full stop 90% of the time anyway.

Not to mention if you manualy adjust the movement slider to like, 1%, you are almost totaly stationary in space, but have highly improved turning speed.

They aught to just make it so you can turn faster while stopped.
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01-31-2010, 09:03 AM
I don't care about "canonical" reassons, as I'm not a ST fan... But I care about game balance. There are far better ways to fix this... As I contributed already on a, now archived, beta thread about "backpedaling"...

...But Cryptic chose this solution precissely aimed at this problem, but is still missing some tweaks, IMHO.

If you are on a slow rotating ship, you should't even try to outmaneuvering your foe... You should carry, instead wide arc weaponry to be able to shoot all around at a decent rate and focus on your defensive abilities, And reserve backpedaling for those limited moments you want him briefly on a given arc.

The problem of backpedalling is that allow ships with small arc weapons to keep their targets forever in their high DPS arc... If you lurk around the weapon repertory there is ONLY 1 type of ship that can mount the highest DPS weapons (sacrifying arc)... The escorts...

...So yes, this change should prevent escorts to play like turrets forever with some moments of maneuvering, and instead playing normally at high speeds with some occasional moments of backpedalling for some strategic strike.

You are mistaken about backpedaling at long range a "PvE only" tactic... Because it's also usefull on PvP... And there is a world of a difference between staying immobile or "ahead slow" and "backpedaling"... If you want to know why... Get an escort ship, go full backpedalling and then hit your "Evasive Maneuvers" button.
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01-31-2010, 09:38 AM
I back paddle all the time, and rarely find this debuff a problem. As soon as you see it, increase your speed to 0 (since you were in reverse) and the buff goes away and you can continue to backpaddle with very little in the way of hampering. EASY. i came up with that strategy the first time I saw the debuff and understood how it was created.
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01-31-2010, 11:52 AM
They should get rid of the debuff all together.

In Star Fleet Battles, there is a tactic called a Kaufman Retrograde where you reverse to keep targets in your superior fire arcs as long as possible.

There is no valid reason to prevent this tactic, full power to engines and evasive maneuvers and you will close the distance any ways...

Or maybe they should add a debuff if you broadside someone for too long...why should one class of ship be penalized for maximising their fire power, when a cruiser or science ship can do the same just by circling?
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01-31-2010, 12:18 PM
Or maybe they should add a debuff if you broadside someone for too long...why should one class of ship be penalized for maximising their fire power, when a cruiser or science ship can do the same just by circling?
Because backpedalling is not maximizing your firepower... It's removing all drawbacks of a small arc.

If you allow a Cruiser or a Science vessel to keep you permanently on their broadside angle (70) then you have a serious problem because they rotate slower than an escort. With the numbers on the hand... An Escort captain that mounts 90 weapons can always avoid broadsiding and still keep 24/7 his firepower on his target... For as long as it's a science/cruiser and BOTH captains have trained their respective ship maneuvering skills.

...There is also the "slight" difference that a ship that has to broadside is giving all the range initiative to the one that is "frontally loaded"... The "escort" captain will decide at any moment the range of the engagement keeping most his firepower intact... Not to mention that a ship broadsiding cannot use any heavy weapon and if it tries to use 3 or more energy weapons will ultimately drain all its power.

That's why Cannons are restricted to Escorts... Because in hands of any player interested in maneuvering, are the best weapons... It's would be madness to encourage a gameplay were those weapons in fact would be even better if their users played as turrets neglecting the key differences of an escort.

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